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KingReal is a professional cut to length metal manufacturer and supplier in China, welcome to buy high quality cut to length metal from our factory and provide a price list. We can also provide you with a cheap quotation.
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  • CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER is designed for precision cut-to-length cutting of cold rolled materials of common thicknesses from 0.3 to 3MM. More than 20 years of production experience can provide diversified production solutions, welcome to contact us!

  • KINGREAL SLITTER offer the high precision cut to length production line, which including decoiler, leveler, fly shearing machine and auto stacker. It has been successfully sold to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and India, etc. Contact us for a more detailed quotation.

  • KINGREAL Slitter 2024 Auto Metal Sheet Decoiler Leveler Shearing Machine is specially designed for uncoiling, leveling and cutting off coiled materials, and is suitable for processing small and medium-sized metal sheets. It has been successfully sold to countries such as Russia and India

  • What is a Cut-to-length Shearing Line? KINGREAL Sheet Metal Cut to length machine is usually used to decoiler, level and cut coils of different materials and thicknesses to the widths specified by customers. Common coil thicknesses range from 0.3-3mm, with different production designs for different raw materials and production requirements. Please feel free to send your request to KINGREAL!

  • In order to maximize customer benefits, in 2023 New Design Cut To Length Line Machine has designed a new metal cut-to-length line, which is capable of fully automated high-speed flying cut and automatic stacking.

  • KINGREAL manufacturer can provide complete coil processing equipment solutions to solve production problems for customers. On the cut-to-length shearing line equipment, KINGREAL will customize the production according to the needs of customers with different specifications, such as Light Gauge Cut To Length Production Line.

KingReal as the professional cut to length metal manufacturer and suppliers, Welcome to buy cut to length metal from our factory. Since establishment, our company is focused oncoil processing machines, such as coil slitting line machine and cut-to-length-line machine development, design and production. In the past years, we have been cooperated with many powerful industrial design companies and scientific research institutions. Relying on the rich experiences ofcoil processing machine and strong design capability, we have successfully produced and delivered over 150 machines annually in worldwide markets.
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