Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line
  • Leveling And Cross Cutting Production LineLeveling And Cross Cutting Production Line
  • Leveling And Cross Cutting Production LineLeveling And Cross Cutting Production Line
  • Leveling And Cross Cutting Production LineLeveling And Cross Cutting Production Line
  • Leveling And Cross Cutting Production LineLeveling And Cross Cutting Production Line

Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line

KINGREAL MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer of coil processing equipment in China, which can provide Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line. This Cut To Length Line can cut metal coils crosswise to specified widths and stack them.

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Product Description

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Description Of Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line

KINGREAL Leveling And Cross Cutting Production line is an full automated line that consists of a series of devices for straightener and trimming wide sheet material, such as uncoiling, leveling, high speed shearing equipment and stacking.

This production line also called cut to length machine, which can automatically complete the cross-cutting of coils of different sizes and materials, which can achieve fast, efficient and precise processing results. With this kind of line, it can provide customers with higher quality products and more efficient processing services.

CTL Production Line Component Equipment List

- Hydraulic Entry Coil Trolley

- Hydraulic Decoiler

- Side Guide Device

- Servo Precision Straightener

- Shearing Machine

- Transportation Table

- Lifting Table

- Pneumatic Stack Device

And Other different system, such pneumatic system, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Specification Parameters Of Cut To Length Machine

Coil Thickness
Coil Width
Coil I.D
Coil O.D
Material Of Leveling Roller
Total Weight Of Machines
Around 30T
Production Line Power
Line Speed
Around 75Kw

Main Part Detail

High Precision Leveling Machine

Leveler is a machine used to level sheet metal and can be used to level the metal from different directions and angles to meet the specific requirements of the user.

It can be used to remove bumps or depressions from metal surfaces, as well as to remove and eliminate many different types of edge unevenness, resulting in better surface flatness.

It assists the entire cut to length production line with other processing processes to improve the quality of the product.

Shearing Machine

Shearing machine is a machine used to cross-cut metal materials with different cutting techniques to cut metal parts in various shapes and sizes horizontally.

It can cut metal materials to customer specified specifications while maintaining surface finish and type integrity.

It is mainly used for cutting steel bars, aluminum sheets, aluminum foil, steel plates and other metal materials.

Advantage Of Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line

Simple operation and easy to use, which can save labor cost.

High precision, which can ensure processing accuracy and thus improve product quality.

High safety and reliability, which can reduce the occurrence of accidents and adverse events.

Machining parameters can be effectively controlled and adjusted to ensure high machining quality.

Collaborative machining of multiple stations can be carried out to realize automated machining.

Who Are We?

KINGREAL is one of the most professional coil processing equipment manufacturers in China. Its main coil processing equipment includes slitting machines and cut-to-length lines, and also provides customized coil solutions for other industries.


KINGREAL has engineers and technicians with extensive expertise to meet various customer needs, as well as its own processing plant to produce high quality machines.


How to visit your factory?

There are 2 ways: either by plane or by train to Foshan/Guangzhou port. We will be picking you up in plane/train station, then we can go together.


What's your Install and Training ?

If buyers come to our factory to inspect, the training to install and operate is provided face to face.

If not, Manual book and video is provided to show how to install and operate.


Do you provide after-sales service?

We provide 24-hour online service for our customers.


We will debug the machines freely in our factory make sure everything is OK before shipment.

When engineer go to your place to debug the machines, all according expense shall be paid by you.

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