Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line
  • Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length LineFly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line
  • Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length LineFly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line
  • Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length LineFly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line
  • Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length LineFly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

KINGREAL is a professional fly shearing cut-to-length line machine manufacturer in China. KINGREAL has been focusing on the shearing line for more than 20 years, has rich production experience, and can provide high-quality products. Looking forward to cooperating with customers from all over the world.Video About Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

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Product Description

Video About Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

Description of fly shearing cut-to-length line

KINGREAL Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line can allows for the shear to accelerate and synchronize to strip speed to cut different material without stopping material feed.

KINGREAL Flying Shears are designed to process the entire coil without accumulating the downtime required for shear cycles. In addition, KINGREAL will also provide automatic stacking system to improve the production efficiency of the machine.

The cut to length machine, also known as length setting line, is used for uncoiling, leveling and cutting metal coils into flat materials of required length and stacking.

This fly shearing cut-to-length line suitable for cold rolling, hot rolling and other processing, such as rolled steel, coils, galvanized coils, silicon steel coils, stainless steel coils, aluminum coils, etc. can be cut into different widths and cut according to the user's production needs. 

Base workflow of fly shearing cut to length line

Decoiler - Subber Roller - Pinch Roll - Leveler - Loop - Cutting - Auto Stack

Main Components Of Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

- Trolley for coil loading
- Decoiler
- Shovel press device
- Alignment facility 
- Pressing 
- Leveling (four high structure)
- Length fixing 
- Fly Shearing
- Automatic Stacking (optional)
- Electrical control system
- Hydraulic control system

In order to maximize the capacity of the production line, the manufacturer of KINGREAL will provide the following equipment for you to choose:
- Coil handling equipment
- Regenerative braking for building up strip tension
- Heavy-duty leveling
- Edge control for consistent strip placement

Main Part Detail Of CTL Line

Heavy Leveling

Features high-quality rollers, including 5 work rolls are mounted on the leveller lower section, 4 on upper tilting section.
Ensure that materials of different specifications are leveled.

Fly Shearing

KINGREAL flying shears are mechanically powered with geared motors and inverters. In order to ensure the speed of the flying shear, KINGREAL provides automatic shearing parts lubrication.

Full Automation Stacking

KINGREAL designs automatic stacking machine configuration the cut-to-length production line to realize automatic stacking production.

KINGREAL Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line Specification

Machine Type

Cut to length machine

Max Coil Thickness


Max Coil Widths


Max Coil Weight


Main Coil Cut Length


Shearing Type

Fly shearing

Shearing Speed


Cut Tolerance


Application Of Cut To Length Machine

- Processing industry of different metal materials
- Integrated Mills
- Mini Mills
- Aerospace/Military
- Manufacturing
- Service Centers
- Construction


Are you a manufacturer?

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier.
We offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including high speed coil slitting line, copper slitting machine, 200m/min coil slitting machine, simple slitting machine, cut to length line machine, fly shearing for cut to length machine, coil ctl machine.
We have a professional team and rich project experience, can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us.

How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city. 
One is by flight, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station.

How do you do quality assurance?

We have a dedicated team to do strict QA, every machine, part and dimension will be inspected and tested to make sure it is within the tolerance.

How to order?

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