Sheet Metal Cut To Length Machine
  • Sheet Metal Cut To Length MachineSheet Metal Cut To Length Machine
  • Sheet Metal Cut To Length MachineSheet Metal Cut To Length Machine
  • Sheet Metal Cut To Length MachineSheet Metal Cut To Length Machine

Sheet Metal Cut To Length Machine

What is a Cut-to-length Shearing Line? KINGREAL Sheet Metal Cut to length machine is usually used to decoiler, level and cut coils of different materials and thicknesses to the widths specified by customers. Common coil thicknesses range from 0.3-3mm, with different production designs for different raw materials and production requirements. Please feel free to send your request to KINGREAL!

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Product Description

Video Display:

Company Overview:

sheet metal cut to length machine

KINGREAL is engaged in the field of coil processing equipment manufacturing, providing customers with a range of services in design, production and sales. The most distinctive products are Coil Slitting Machine And Cut To Length Line These machines are widely used for slitting, shearing or punching metal sheets into different sizes and shapes.

Sheet Metal Cut To Length Machine Description:

KINGREAL sheet coil cutting machine is used for uncoiling, leveling, feeding, cut-to-length, trimming and stacking of metal coils, applicable materials include aluminum coil, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, PPGI, copper strip, and other materials, which ensures that the diagonal accuracy of the shearing line is ≤0.50 mm, and the maximum speed can be as high as 80M/Min.

metal cut to length line

Different thicknesses of coils, materials and shear widths will directly affect the design of the metal sheet slitting machine. The common thickness of coils is 0.3-3MM, and the common shear length is 1200-1600MM, which is one of the production requirements of most customers. At the same time, KINGREAL can also customize the design according to the customer's specified production needs, either choose the heavy-duty fully automated customized coil slitting machine or the compact coil cut to length line.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and sales, KINGREAL has been successfully selling its shearing lines to countries such as Saudi Arabia, India and Russia, and is able to provide optimal solutions and after-sales service. Welcome to contact us.

Product Catalog:

metal cut to length machine

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Working Process:

metal cut to length

Coil trolley → Decoiler → Pinch feed roller feeding → High precision leveling device → Fixed length cutting → Unloading table / Automatic stacking table

Technical Specification:

① Coil Specification:

Material of coils

Chrome Steel, Galvanized Iron Sheet, Galvanized Aluminum Sheet








Coil ID



Coil OD





② Production Line Specification

Feeding precision

Length 1000±0.3mm, Diagonal 1000±0.5mm

Cut to length line speed

0-80m/min adjustable

Pneumatic specification

5 kg/cm²

 Stacker Sizes

Min width 500mm, Max width 1300mm ;Min length 1200mm, max

Other Size

Length:5000mm;Height: 20-400mm


Feeding and shearing speed

1m≤30m/min or depends on products length


Machine direction

 from left to right (To be confirmed)

Total installation power

 About 35KW

③ Components List

- Coil Trolley Car

- Hydraulic Decoiler

- Entrance Guide

- Four / six high leveling machine

- Ring bridge

- Side guide pulley

- CNC servo feeding straightening machine

- Measuring system

- Shearing machine

- Conveyor table

- Pneumatic unloading device

- Hydraulic lifting table

- Unstacking car  

- Hydraulic system

- Pneumatic system

- Electrical system PLC control

cut to length metal

Main Components Detail:


Function: It is used for leveling material and feeding in fixed length.

Main structure: leveling roller, electric part, back pressure roller assembly, feeding and discharging support seat assembly.

Leveling roller: Gcr15 Heat Treatment steel is quenched and tempered and then processed with high frequency treatment. After two times of electroplating and cylindrical grinding, the surface is glossy and has no traces, and the hardness reaches HRC62 degrees or more. The diameter of the leveling shaft is ø100mm. Manually adjust the worm gear to lift the leveling roller.

coil cut to length machine
coil cut to length
Cutting Machine

Function: It is used for cutting of fixed-length materials.

Main structure: main frame, blade, pneumatic clutch, electric part, etc.

Main frame: The whole frame is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel and has been annealed after welding.

Blade: The blade is made of Cr12 material, the heat treatment hardness reaches HRC62 degrees, and the four-sided cutting edge can be replaced.

Pneumatic clutch structure: changing the traditional mechanical braking method, low noise, long service life, and accurate.

Stacking Machine

Function: Used for material transportation.

Main structure: frame, hydraulic system, discharge rolling platform, etc.

Frame: It is welded with carbon steel, which is stable and firm. Scissor-type design, the cylinder is stretched and lifted.

Uplifting platform for discharging: The oil motor drives the transmission sprocket to drive the drum to rotate to transmit the material discharge.

coil cutting line

Final Product Display:

coil cut to length line

Machine Quality Control:

cut to length coil line

KINGREAL  has established a strict quality control process to ensure that every production step meets the standards and requirements. This  includes raw material procurement, production process, assembly, testing, etc. To ensure that every part of the machine meets quality standards.

It has also passed the international CE certificate certification.

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