Our Project

  • KINGREAL Transport The Steel Cut To Length Line To The U.A.E

    KINGREAL has been successfully install the steel cut to length line in the U.A.E.

  • KINGREAL Transport  Double Slitter Head Slitting Machine To Russia

    KINGREAL arranged Russian local engineers to the customer's factory to assist in the installation of the slitting machine

  • KINGREAL Transport The Simple Coil Slitting Line To India

    KINGREAL design the simple coil slitting machine, which is the most cost-effective machine.

  • KINGREAL High Speed Slitting Machine Install In Saudi Arabia

    KINGREAL High Speed Coil Slitting Machine Working In Saudi Arabia.

  • KINGREAL Cut To Length Line Machine Working In Vietnam

    KINGREAL successfully transported the cut-to-length line to the customer's factory in Vietnam and it is operating smoothly

  • Shipping To Greece

    KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Perforation Line shipping to Greece and provide after-sales installation service

  • Shipping To Chile

    KINGREAL High Precision Coil Perforated Rewinding Machine Shipping To Chile

  • Metal Ceiling Perforation Line Shipping To India

    New Design:
    ☑Customized high-speed 125 ton punch press
    ☑Can do both 600x600mm and 600x1200mm sizes
    ☑With multiple punching molds

  • Decoiler Leveler Shearing Production Line sold to Russia

    KINGREAL designs simple version of cut-to-length line for Russian customer:
    Decoiler -- Leveler --Shearing --Stacker

  • Decoiler Leveler Feeder Machine Shipping To Turkey

    New Design:
    - 1300MM High Precision Straightener
    - 3 In 1 Feeder Machine
    - Trial Service

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