0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line
  • 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line
  • 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line
  • 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line
  • 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line
  • 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line

0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line

0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line can be supplied by KINGREAL MACHINERY, which is used to cut the different material coil to specific width sheet plate. KINGREAL can provide professional program design, latest quotation, and professional after-sales team service. Welcome to contact us!

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Product Description

Video About 0.3-2 1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line


 Machine Description:

KINGREAL Steel Cut To Length Line suitable for the different material (such as steel, metal, stainless and aluminum) with thickness 0.3-2mm, and the width can be reach 1600mm sheet plate to process the cutting part for customers specific need.

The cut to length line's equipment configuration is flexible; KINGREAL may make manufacturing machines that are specifically tailored to your requirements. To meet specific needs, KINGREAL created a touch screen that allows users to adjust the length and number of coils to be cut. The automatic fixed-length line uses a servo motor to measure the length, ensuring the correctness of the produced goods.

stainless steel cut to length machine

Main Components Of The (0.3-2)×1600MM Steel Cut To Length Line


Component Name



Coil Loading Car

1 Unit


Hydraulic Decoiler

1 Unit



2 Units


Side Guide Device

1 Unit


Straightener Machine

2 Unit


High Precision Shearing Machine

1 Unit


Transportation Table

1 Unit


Pneumatic Stack

1 Unit


Hydraulic Control System

1 Set

(The parts list is for reference only and needs to be customized according to the customer's needs.)

Technical Specification:


Machine Name

Steel cut to length line

Coil Material

Steel sheetother can be supply

Max Coil Thickness


Max Coil Weight


Max Coil Height

20 Ton

Coil I.D


Coil O.D


Max Cutting Length


Cutting Speed


Cut Tolerance


Electrical Control System

PLC automatic control


Working Process Of This Cut To Length Line:

steel cut to length line

Coil Loading Car -- Hydraulic Decoiler -- Feeding Guide Plate Fitting -- Pinching Machine -- Loop -- High Speed Shearing -- Stack

Production Line Feature:

Component Name



Hydraulic Decoiler

The loading section is used to feed the sheet metal into the shearing machine for shearing.

It usually adopts hydraulic loading mechanism, which can realize automatic loading, and control the loading speed and position through sensors to ensure that the metal sheets accurately enter the shearing area.

1. power: 7.5KW


2. Speed reducer: X95 two stages cycloidal pin-wheel reducer

Fly Shearing Machine

Cutting tool is the key component of heavy metal shearing line machine, usually consists of upper knife and lower knife. The knives are made of high quality alloy steel with high hardness and wear resistance.


The gap between the upper knife and the lower knife can be adjusted according to the thickness of the metal sheet to ensure the shearing effect and the quality of the cut.

Can refer to the table above


12x2500 hydraulic shearing 22KW

Hydraulic System

The heavy metal shearing line machine is equipped with advanced electrical control system, including PLC controller, touch screen operator interface and sensors.


Through the control system, automatic operation and monitoring of the machine can be realized, and the shearing parameters can be adjusted to ensure the stability and safety of the shearing process.

1.  Flow: L=40L/min

2. Pressure: P=12Mpa

3. Power: 7.5KW




Final Product Display

steel cut to length machine

Our Factory


KINGREAL has its own production plant, which includes a frame casting shop, a CNC control shop, a parts machining shop and an assembly shop. In order to ensure the production quality of the machines, the whole line will be tested and adjusted in the factory. KINGREAL welcomes all customers to visit our factory.

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2023 KINGREAL has successfully transported different types of coil slitting machine and CTL line equipment to countries including Saudi Arabia, Russia, India and Turkey. You can learn more about the project by clicking here.

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