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The heavy duty cut to length line is a specialized machine used for the precise cut-to-length processing of thick metal plates, usually those with a thickness of 1mm or more. This equipment usually consists of a number of continuous work units, each unit has a specific function and role, the overall coordination of work to achieve efficient production and processing.

cut to length line

Specifically, the main features and functions of a metal thick plate cut-to-length line include:

1. Infeed system: Used to feed large metal sheets into the production line and to ensure stable movement and positioning of the sheets during processing.

2. Pre-processing unit: Usually consists of a straightener or a set of flattening rollers, which are used to smooth the surface of the sheet and remove any unevenness that may be present, to ensure accurate shearing in the next step.

3. Cut-to-length unit: This is the core of the entire line and consists of high-precision shears that are used to cut the sheet metal precisely to the set length requirement. The shears can usually be automated by means of a computerized control system to ensure that each piece is cut to the same length.

4. Out-feed system: outputs the cut sheet metal for subsequent processing or packaging. The out-feed system usually also includes stacking and sorting functions for the cut-to-length sheets for subsequent pick-up and transportation.

5. Control System: The entire shearing line is usually equipped with an advanced computerized control system (PLC or CNC), which is used to monitor and regulate the various parameters of the production process, including the speed of sheet feeding and discharging, the precision of the shear length, as well as the stability and safety of the equipment operation.

Metal thick plate cut-to-length shearing line is widely used in industries requiring mass production and high precision requirements, such as iron and steel manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, ship building and other fields. It can effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce manual operation and lower production cost, and is one of the important production equipment in modern metal processing field. In order to meet the demand of thick plate coil processing, KINGREAL CUT TO LENGTH MACHINE is specially configured with the following equipment:

1. High Power Equipment: In order to handle thick sheet metal, production lines are usually equipped with high power processing equipment such as large shears, hydraulic bending machines and CNC punching machines. These machines provide sufficient power and stability to cope with the processing demands of cutting, bending and stamping of thick plate metals.

2. Large-size worktable: Since the size of thick sheet metal is usually large, the worktable and workspace of the processing line need to be sized accordingly to ensure that large-size metal coils can be accommodated and processed.

2. High precision control system: Processing of thick sheet metal requires high machining precision and dimensional control. Therefore, the production line is usually equipped with advanced numerical control systems (such as PLC or CNC), which can precisely control each step of the processing process to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the products.

4. Multi-functional process unit: The production line will integrate several functional units, such as feeding system, pre-processing unit (e.g., leveler), cut-to-length unit, bending and stamping unit, and discharge system. Each of these units is responsible for a different processing step, and through coordination and cooperation to achieve high efficiency and quality production.

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