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What are the characteristics of a stainless steel cut-to-length line?


Stainless steel materials are characterized by their processing:

1. High hardness

Stainless steel materials usually have high hardness and strength, which makes machining more difficult. During cutting, drilling, turning and other machining processes, the tools are easy to wear, requiring the use of high hardness tool materials, such as carbide tools.

2. Heat resistance

Stainless steel is machined at a high temperature in the cutting zone, which can easily lead to high temperatures between the work-piece and the tool. In order to prevent overheating and rapid tool wear, cooling and lubrication with coolant is usually required.

3. Strong plastic deformation

Stainless steel has good plasticity and is prone to deformation during machining. Especially in thin plate processing, control deformation and maintain the dimensional accuracy of the work-piece is an important technical requirement.

4. Difficulty in chip processing

Stainless steel cutting process chips are tough, not easy to break, easy to wrap around the tool, affecting processing efficiency and surface quality. Therefore, the timely treatment of chips and exclusion is very important.

5. Machining surface hardening

Stainless steel in the processing process is prone to surface hardening phenomenon, especially in the low-speed cutting or over-processing, which will increase the difficulty of subsequent processing. Need to use the appropriate cutting speed and feed to avoid surface hardening.

cut to length line

As one of the popular equipment for processing stainless steel coils, stainless steel cut-to-length production line has the following features in the production process:

cut to length line

1. High-precision shearing

Stainless steel cut-to-length production line adopts advanced CNC technology and high-precision shearing equipment, which can realize high-precision shearing of stainless steel plates. Shear high precision, error control in a very small range, to ensure that the size of the cut sheet is accurate.

2. Automatic operation

The production line is equipped with automatic control system, from feeding, positioning, shearing to discharging, the whole process is highly automated. Easy operation reduces human intervention and improves production efficiency and product consistency.

3. Efficient production

The production line is reasonably designed with high shearing speed, which can quickly complete the task of shearing large quantities of stainless steel plates. Effectively shorten the production cycle, improve the overall production efficiency, to meet customer demand for high productivity.

4. Wide range of application

Stainless steel cut-to-length production line is suitable for stainless steel plates of various specifications and thicknesses, whether thin or thick, can be accurately sheared, with a wide range of applicability.

5. Solid and durable

The production line uses high-quality materials and components with solid structure and durability. The design of the equipment takes into account long time and high load work to ensure the stable operation of the production line in various working environments.

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