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What is the working principle of cut to length machine?


The working principle of metal cut-to-length production line mainly includes the following steps:

cut to length machine

1. Raw material preparation:

Coil loading: metal coils (e.g. steel coils, aluminum coils, etc.) are conveyed to the production line through coil loading machine. The coil loading machine is usually equipped with coil holder and unfolding device for smooth unfolding of the coil.

2. Decoiler :

The decoiler unwinds the coil and moves it to the next stage of processing. Uncoilers are usually equipped with a tension control system to ensure that proper tension is maintained as the web is unwound to avoid slackening or stretching of the material.

3. Leveling:

Leveling machine: The leveling machine carries out leveling treatment on the unfolded coil in order to eliminate the internal stresses and ripples generated in the process of curling the material and make the material flat.

Fixed-foot measurement:

4. Length Measuring System: The length measuring system takes precise measurements of the leveled sheet metal to determine the length to be cut. The length measuring system usually uses laser or photoelectric sensors for measurement to ensure high accuracy.

1. Cut To Length Machine: The cut to length machine cuts the metal plate to length according to the data provided by the length measuring system. The shears can be mechanical or hydraulic and are characterized by high accuracy and speed.

2. Conveying and stacking:

Conveying system: The sheared metal sheets are conveyed to the next process by conveyor belt or roller conveyor.

Stacking system: The stacking system neatly stacks the sheared metal plates in the designated position for subsequent packaging and transportation.

3. Automatic control system:

PLC control system: the whole production line is usually controlled automatically by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system, which automatically adjusts the working status of each link according to the preset production parameters and real-time monitoring data to ensure the stability and high efficiency of the production process.

cut to length machine

The production principles of metal cut-to-length production line are to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality and safety, and at the same time to meet customer specifications and needs. Following the production principles below can help factories gain long-lasting and effective production benefits:

1. Precision and Consistency: Ensure that the dimensions of each cut metal sheet are precise and consistent. This requires high-precision cutting equipment and accurate measurement systems to prevent dimensional errors.

2. Efficient production: Optimize the production process to reduce downtime and material waste. This can be achieved through automated equipment, advanced control systems and efficient scheduling plans.

3. Quality control: Implement strict quality control measures, including raw material inspection, production process monitoring and final product inspection. Quality control can be realized through various inspection means, such as visual inspection, thickness measurement and surface flatness test.

4. Safe production: Ensure safety in the production process, including safety training for operators, safety protection measures for equipment and safety management of the working environment. Safe production is an important guarantee to prevent accidents and protect employees' health.

5. Equipment Maintenance: Regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and to avoid downtime and production delays caused by equipment failure. The maintenance program should include regular inspections, cleaning, and replacement of worn parts.

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