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Customer Visit : Metal Ceiling Perforation Line


Customer Visit: Metal Ceiling Perforation Line

KINGREAL was honored to receive customers from the country of Iran to see one of our featured products:

Coil Perforation Line| Metal Ceiling Tile Perforated Production Line.

KINGREAL gave the customer a detailed introduction to the production process of the machine, the production principle of punching and answered their questions.

At the same time, KINGREAL showed the relative design program and cases according to the actual production requirements of the customers. The Iranian customer expressed a high degree of affirmation, and finally the two sides reached a cooperation.

About Coil Perforation Line

Metal coil perforation line is one of KINGREAL's featured production lines, which is capable of precision punching and secondary processing of production processes for coils of different materials, thicknesses and widths.

- Metal Sheet Perforated Making Machine

- Perforated Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line

- Coil Perforated Cutting Machine

metal sheet perforated machine

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