Press Feeder Equipment

A press feeder equipment is a machine that conveys material and is indispensable for both light and heavy industries, and KINGREAL MACHINERY can supply all machines in this series. KINGREAL press feeder equipment has high accuracy, and environmental protection, and time saving, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity, really low cost, high return.


Press feeding is a type of industrial operation that necessitates the precise placement of the die and movement of the required quantity of materials into the tool. Making sure that the materials are accurately inserted into the die from the front to the back, from one side to the other, and fit with the tool is crucial for the press feeding process. Equipment like stampers now have the capacity for faster processing speeds, higher processing flexibility, simpler setup, better quality, and reliability as press feeding technology continues to advance.


Based on the above working principles, KINGREAL, as a professional manufacturer, is constantly upgrading its expertise and specializing in the manufacturing of machines and equipment.

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  • KINGREAL can provide the high precision electronic CNC roller feeder, which can assist in the automatic production of machine tools, such as punch presses and lathes. As a CNC roller feeder supplier, KINGREAL guarantees feeding accuracy through digital control.

  • KINGREAL MACHINERY can provide the High Precision Roller Plate Leveling Machine, which is used to leveling the sheet metal to make its surface flat to meet the needs of different industrial sectors. As one of the professional coil process equipment supplier in China, KINGREAL can design different customized solutions for the different production requirements of our customers.

  • KINGREAL Double Head Hydraulic Decoiler For Coil Feeder, which enables to place double material on one uncoiler, saving the time of changing material and increasing productivity. It is suitable for each large production line factory.

  • KINGREAL is a professional Automatic Heavy Duty Hydraulic Decoiler manufacturer in China and can provide customers with feeding equipment for uncoiling, leveling and feeding, including 1300 Steel Uncoiler Heavy Duty Hydraulic Decoiler.

  • KINGREAL Middle-Plate Decoiler Levelling Feeder Machine is suitable for stamping and leveling feeding of medium plate coils, with the advantages of high specific feeding accuracy and small cumulative error. As a professional manufacturer of feeder equipment, KINGREAL has more than 20 years of production and sales experience. Can provide customers with the best solution.

  • As a manufacturer in the field of automatic feeding machines, KINGREAL can provide Thick-Plate Decoiler Straightener Feeder Machine. The equipment is specially designed for materials with a thickness of 0.6-6mm. It has comprehensive functions and compact structure.

Welcome to buy high quality Press Feeder Equipment from our factory, KingReal as one of the Press Feeder Equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, We can provide customers with a price list and provide you with affordable quotations.
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