High Speed Cut To Length Line Solution

Welcome to choose KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER High Speed Cut To Length Line Solution. which will provide you Cut To Length Line with speed of 80M/min or even higher, which is used for the production process of cutting different materials and thicknesses of coils into the widths specified by the customers and stacking them.

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER is a professional supplier of cut-to-length shearing line in China, with professional technical team, production capacity and after-sales capability. 2024, in the field of CTL research and development has also made a historic breakthrough in the treatment of coil thickness range exceeded 20MM, which is for the machine manufacturing capacity, processing capacity and precision control have extremely high requirements.

KINGREAL have successfully reached long-term in metal cut to length line and stable cooperation with Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Indonesia.

Why Choose Us?

Industry-leading technology

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has been in the field of cut-to-length shearing lines

for more than 20 years, and has a professional technical team to control the 

quality from the drawing design, manufacturing of machine components, 

configuration innovation, testing and commissioning of the production line. 

With independent design capabilities, we are able to provide customized solutions according to the needs of our customers.

Extensive project experience

KINGREAL SLITTER SLITTING has a wealth of project experience in the cut-to-length 

production line, according to the customer's actual production needs, the production 

of three different types of high, medium and economic Coil Cut To Length Line, and

 more than a dozen countries and regions have reached a long-term and stable cooperation with customers.


Pre-sale: design drawings and adjust programs according to customers' needs;

In-sale: Ensure the production quality of the machine, provide testing Cut To Length Line to check the accuracy of the production line running;

After-sales service: arrange engineers to guide and teach installation in customers' factories.

Cut To Length Machine Application

cut to length line
cut to length line
cut to length machine line

Metal Coil Cut To Length Line have an important place in metal processing, cutting coil metal to precise lengths to become sheet metal that can be used directly in secondary applications, serving a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, HVAC, home appliances, energy, and other industries with customized lengths of sheet metal tailored to specific project needs.

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Welcome to buy high quality High Speed Cut To Length Line Solution from our factory, KingReal as one of the High Speed Cut To Length Line Solution manufacturers and suppliers in China, We can provide customers with a price list and provide you with affordable quotations.
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