Cut To Length Machine With Fly Shear
  • Cut To Length Machine With Fly ShearCut To Length Machine With Fly Shear
  • Cut To Length Machine With Fly ShearCut To Length Machine With Fly Shear
  • Cut To Length Machine With Fly ShearCut To Length Machine With Fly Shear

Cut To Length Machine With Fly Shear

KINGREAL offer Cut To Length Machine With Fly Shear, which speed can up to 80M/Min, can get more production benefits for customers in metal cut to length output.

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Product Description

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Cut To Length Line--Flying Shear High Speed Production

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER is a specialized manufacturer and producer in the field of cut-to-length lines and is committed to bringing optimal solutions to its customers. 

Depending on the customer's required metal cutting capacity, the range of raw materials to be processed and the plant's production needs.

Cut To Length Machine with fly shear is an industrial machine for cutting continuous metal strips into plates or sheets of specific lengths . KINGREAL design in Fly Shearing

 realizes continuous automatic and precise cutting of metal strips without stopping during high speed movement, which speed can up to 80M/Min. It is mainly used in steel, 

aluminum, copper and other metal processing industries, and is widely used in automotive, home appliances, construction and other fields.

cut to length line

cut to length machine

When the production line is working, decoiler is in feeding state. After sheet material enters the 6 layers 21 rollers high precision leveling machine for leveling, it enters NC Length Measurer by electric eye controlled looper and lateral mechanism. The NC Length Measurer sets size then feeds material to next step Rotate Cutting Machine; when NC feeding reaches the set size. The shearing machine cuts off the sheet material, and the cut sheet material is neatly stacked by the conveying device into the Products Stacking Machine and lifting platform of the stacking steel sheet can automatically decrease with the increase of height of steel sheets; When the set value of plates is reached, production line will automatically stop. At this time, the lifting platform will be lowered by manual control, discharge trolley will be driven out, and another discharge trolley will be driven in at the same time, which will enter the next working cycle.

CTL Product Line Component

Raw Material Table 1 Unit
Trolley for Feeding 1 Unit
Front Auxiliary Support 1 Unit
Uncoiler + Unwinding Device 1 Set
Six-layer-rollers Leveling Machine + Working rollers self-cleaning system 1 Unit
Upper side Film Lamination Machine 1 Unit
Short Looper 1 Unit
Sides Guiding Device 1 Unit
Pinch NC Length Measurer 1 Unit
Fly Shearing Machine 1 Unit
Conveying Machine 1 Unit
Product Stacking Machine 1 Unit

Technical Specification Of Cut To Length Machine

Raw material CRC STEEL
Thickness 0.4-3.0mm
Width ≤1500mm
Coil weight ≤ 20T
Length 500-6000mm
Tolerance of length L=2m≤±0.3mm(2.0mm)
Diagonal tolerance L=2m≤±0.5mm(2.0mm)
Speed 0~80m/min (Stepless speed regulation)
Strip through speed 0~15m/min
Control AC frequency conversion control

Feature About Cut To Length Machine With Fly Shear

  • High efficiency is one of the most prominent features of this CTL line. Through the design and application of the flying shear device, it realizes non-stop cutting during the high-speed movement of the strip, while having a length measuring device, the flying shear device ensures the cutting accuracy.
  • KINGREAL Cut To Length Machine adopts Chrome-plated rollers, rubber-coated rollers, pneumatic aggregates and other components to protect the surface of steel.
  • High-precision leveling effect. The CTL production line can be equipped with 21 sets of rollers for high-precision leveling or double leveling machine device for metal coil uncoiling and leveling, which can bring customers more flat and high-quality metal sheets.
  • Loop Bridge can be selected or avoided, completely according to the customer's production needs and the actual area utilization of the plant, which can make the Cut To Length Machine more compact, save floor space and reduce the secondary processing of the plant. It is a good choice for many small manufacturers.
  • The provision of a trimming device is a key additional feature for trimming the edges of metal strips before they are cut. The trimming device removes burrs, irregularities or excess material from the edges of the metal strip, ensuring that the edges of the finished sheet are smooth and neat. A wide range of strip widths and thicknesses can be handled, increasing the versatility and adaptability of the machine.

steel cut to length machine
coil cut to length machine
steel coil cut to length line

Feature About Fly Shearing Device In CTL Line

Synchronization control system:

Advanced servo control system or synchronization control system is used to ensure that the flying shear tool is synchronized with the moving speed of the metal strip.

The control system is able to monitor and adjust the tool speed in real time to accommodate different cutting lengths and strip speeds.

High strength tool material:

Knives are usually made of high-strength alloy steel or tungsten carbide materials with high hardness and wear resistance to ensure long cutting life and consistent cutting quality.

The shape and angle design of the knives are also optimized to reduce cutting resistance and enhance cutting results.

Dynamic balance design:

The knives and tool holders of the flying shear device are dynamically balanced design to ensure smooth operation in high-speed movement, reduce vibration, and improve cutting accuracy and equipment life.

Precision guide mechanism:

Equipped with a high-precision guiding mechanism to ensure that the flying shear tool always maintains the correct cutting path and position during the cutting process, improving cutting accuracy.

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