Our History And Factory

Who Are We

KINGREAL SLITTER is a factory of KINGREAL UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED focusing on the field of coil processing equipment manufacturing, with independent design, production, export and after-sales service and other complete modern complex, its representative equipment is Coil Slitting Machine and Cut To Length Line.

For more than 20 years, KINGREAL SLITTER has been focusing on providing customers with complete production solutions, continuously developing technology in the field of coil processing equipment and obtaining industry-recognized patents. KINGREAL SLITTER has been able to produce coil processing lines with precision Slitting Process and Cross Cutting Process for a wide range of materials (CR/HR/SS/Copper/Silicon, etc.) and coils of different thicknesses (0.2-20MM).

KINGREAL SLITTER goal is to establish a long-term and stable relationship with its customers and to create long-term benefits for their production. So far, KINGREAL SLITTER has successfully sold many different types of equipment to more than 20 countries and regions such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada and the USA.

Customers from all over the world are welcome to contact KINGREAL SLITTER for customized design solutions and in-depth technical discussions.

What Can We Manufacturing?

Coil Width Range

Light Gauge : 0.2MM-2MM

Medium Gauge : 2MM-8MM

Heavy Gauge : 8MM-20MM

What Is Our Mission?

“Producing High Quality Equipment For Customers” KINGREAL SLITTER always strictly controls the manufacturing process of the steel slitting machine and CTL Line, through provide complete design and manufacturing facility, which including design department, technical department, trading department, manufacturing facilities, assembly sites and after-sales service departments. KINGREAL Slitter welcomes all customers to visit our factory to see the process of casting machine parts and assembling machines.

“Provide Customers With Complete After-Sales Service” KINGREAL SLITTER has a well-established after-sales service team that is able to provide complete after-sales service according to customers' needs. This includes on-line installation guidance, customer factory instruction service, machine operation instruction and maintenance guidance, etc. In 2023, KINGREAL SLITTER after-sales service in the slitting machine customer's factory in Saudi Arabia was highly recognized by the customer.


KINGREAL SLITTER insists on continuous technological research in the field of machinery and equipment manufacturing to provide customers with optimal production solutions.In addition to the basic coil processing needs, KINGREAL SLITTER also designs line components and accessories according to the customer's actual production needs, market conditions and production budget. 

From the degree of automation, speed range, increase or decrease of components to the energy consumption of the production line and so on, there are different cases for customers to choose and refer to.

About our technological innovation:

-Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine

-Belt Tension Coil Slitting Machine

-220M/Min High Speed Coil Slitting Machine

-Cut To Length Line With Auto Stacker

-Cut To Length Line With Dual Straightener

-CTL Line With Trimming

-Fly Shearing Cut To Length Line(80M/Min)

-Waste rewinding device for high precision operation

Other innovative design production is in progress.


KINGREAL SLITTER welcomes inquiries from customers all over the world, and sincerely hopes to reach cooperation and create benefits together.

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