Automatic Stacking Cut to Length Line
  • Automatic Stacking Cut to Length LineAutomatic Stacking Cut to Length Line
  • Automatic Stacking Cut to Length LineAutomatic Stacking Cut to Length Line
  • Automatic Stacking Cut to Length LineAutomatic Stacking Cut to Length Line
  • Automatic Stacking Cut to Length LineAutomatic Stacking Cut to Length Line
  • Automatic Stacking Cut to Length LineAutomatic Stacking Cut to Length Line

Automatic Stacking Cut to Length Line

KINGREAL is a professional manufacturer in the field of cut to length lines in China, and can provide automatic stacking cutting to length line. KINGREAL has our own design team and production workshop, and can customize high-quality products with different needs for customers. Looking forward to reaching long-term and stable cooperation with customers

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Product Description

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What is Automatic Stacking Cut To Length Line?

KINGREAL MACHINERY can provide the automatic stacking cut to length line, which is designed to cut coils of different specifications and materials into specified lengths, and finally perform the stacking step automatically.

One of the biggest features of this CTL line is the automatic stacking part specially designed by KINGREAL. It can help the cut to length production line to realize automatic production from decoiler, flying shearing to stacking, and improve the production efficiency of the machine.

The cut to length machine is mainly consist of trolley for loading coil, decoiler, straightener, deviation correcting device, servo transmission system, shearing machine, waste edge cutting device, auto stacking and so on. All production parts are not fixed, KINGREAL will customize and design relevant production parts according to different production needs of customers.

The whole line flowchart of CTL machine

Loading with trolley → Hydraulic decoiler → Clamping initial correction → Transition → Guide pressing → Straightener → Sizing → High speed shearing machine → Sheet transmission belt → Auto stacker → Hydraulic control system and electrical control cabinets

Feature Of Automatic Stacking Cut To Length Line

Trolley for loading coil

Thetrolley simplifies the workflow of coil rewinding. Generally speaking, the size and weight of the coils that need to bedecoiler are relatively large, and it is difficult to carry them manually.

Thetrolley designed by KINGREAL is powered by power and can move the coil within the track. And it is convenient to install and remove the coil.


Hydraulic cantilever decoiler

KINGREAL design the hydraulic cantilever decoiler to supports coils and performsdecoiler.

Hydraulic cylinders are used to make the decoilerr retractable and suitable for the coil inside diameter. It is equipped with a cantilever arm.

Shearing machine

The shearing unit is the core part of the entire cut-to-length line, which not only ensures the cutting speed but also ensures the precision of the cutting.


Automatic stacking

The cut to length production line can be equipped with stacking equipment to facilitate the packaging of the cut-to-length profiles.

Reference Data Of Automatic Stacking Cut To Length Line

Machine Type

Cut To Length Machine


Stainless steel 

Max Coil Thickness


Max Coil Weight


Max Coil Height

30 Ton

Max Cutting Length


Cutting Speed


Cut Tolerance


Why Choose Us?

Rich experience in production and sales

KINGREAL has been focusing on the field of cut-to-length shearing lines for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in production and sales. Ability to produce customized machines according to customer needs, such as

- Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line

-Rotary Shearing Cut To Length Line

-Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Machine

- Metal cut to length machine

And so on.

Have a professional team

KINGREAL has its own technical team and after-sales team. Committed to helping customers solve all problems.

Technically able to design production machines according to customer needs;

In terms of after-sales, the KINGREAL team can provide both online and offline services to ensure the normal production and operation of the machine.


How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city.

One is by flight, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station.

We will pick you up at the station or airport.


How do you do quality assurance?

We have a dedicated team to do strict QA, every machine, part and dimension will be inspected and tested to make sure it is within the tolerance.


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