Our Professional Guarantee

Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has professional manufacturing capabilities in the field of metal slitting machines and cut-to-length lines, which are two large-scale coil processing machines. From the design of the slitting machines and cut-to-length lines, to the procurement of equipment components, casting of the equipment, precision machining, and the assembly and testing of the entire line, KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has a large-scale production facility and multiple production lines that can meet the needs of high-volume production.

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has a large scale production facility and multiple production lines to meet high volume design and production needs. KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has established an efficient supply chain management system to ensure the timely supply of raw materials and components.

KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has a strict quality control system for slitting machines and shearing lines, and has passed ISO 9001 and other international quality certifications to establish a perfect quality management system. After the production is completed, KINGREAL will arrange the equipment to be assembled and debugged in the factory, equipped with high-precision testing instruments to carry out comprehensive product testing and quality control.

KINGREAL's design capability in the field of coil processing is constantly breaking through, and we continue to make technological innovations and launch innovative products to meet the diversified needs of the market and customers. This includes upgrades to various components within the production line, such as the Double Slitter Head Slitting Machine, Fly Shearing Cut To Length Line, Coil Slitting Machine With Belt Tension, Cut To Length Machine Withtrimming.

Professional technical team:

Production Team

technical team

The KINGREAL production team consists of a number of engineers with many years of experience in the field of metal equipment manufacturing, who have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in design, manufacturing and maintenance. With multi-disciplinary backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material science, etc., they are able to solve problems from multiple perspectives and provide comprehensive technical support. We are able to customize the design of the production line according to the customer's demand for coil slitting machine and cut to length line to meet the customer's all-round production needs.

The technical team works closely within and with other departments to form an efficient workflow. Cross-departmental cooperation ensures that every step of the process, from design to production, runs smoothly.

With strong problem solving ability, we are able to quickly respond to and solve all kinds of technical problems encountered in the production process to ensure the smooth running of production.

After-sales team

after sale team

Whether it is a metal slitting machine or a cut-to-length line, it is a large coil processing equipment, which requires high professionalism in all dimensions of installation, operation and maintenance of the plant. In order to be able to assist the customers to put the equipment into operation smoothly, KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has set up a complete and professional after-sales team to carry out the process:

-Field installation guidance in customer's factory;

-Operational guidance for installation, use and maintenance

- Online technical questions and answers throughout the day

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