Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line
  • Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL LinePrecision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line
  • Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL LinePrecision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line
  • Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL LinePrecision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line
  • Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL LinePrecision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line

Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line

China-based professional coil process equipment manufacturer KINGREAL is able to offer a full range of cut to length line solutions. Among them, KINGREAL also created a Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line especially to enhance the production quality of the equipment.

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Product Description

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Stainless Steel CTL Line Description:

Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line is specialized in processing stainless steel materials. Stainless steel is characterized by corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance, so it is widely used in many fields. At the same time, stainless steel material is thicker compared to other metal materials, which requires higher processing equipment. KINGREAL stainless steel CTL line adopts advanced technology and equipment, which can efficiently and accurately shear and process stainless steel materials. KINGREAL Stainless Coil Cut To Length Machine usually consists of decoiler, feeding, high precision leveling machine, shearing machine and trimming machine,etc. 

sheet coil cutting machine

These parts cooperate with each other to realize the continuous shearing of stainless steel materials. Stainless steel shearing line equipment has a high degree of automation and precise control system. Through advanced sensors and controllers, the equipment can monitor and adjust the shearing parameters in real time to ensure the precision and efficiency of shearing.  In addition, the stainless steel shearing line equipment also has special knives and blades. Due to the high hardness of stainless steel material, it is difficult for ordinary knives to cut and process. Therefore, the stainless steel CTL line adopts special knives and blades, which can better cope with the special characteristics of stainless steel material.

KINGREAL Steel Cut To Length Line Components List:






Hydraulic Decoiler


With paper collector


Precision Leveler


6 Rollers


Loop Bridge




Side Guider And Pinch Roller



Edger Trimming Machine


Optional equipment


High Speed Shearing Machine


Different shearing type


Auto stacker


Servo System

Working Process Of Stainless Steel CTL Line

automatic cut to length machine

Hydraulic Decoiler (with paper collector) -- Coil Upload Trolley -- Precision 6 Layers Leveler -- Loop Bridge -- Side Guide And Pinch Roller -- Edge Trimming Machine -- Waste Strips Collector -- Loop Bridge -- High Quality Shearing Machine -- Auto Stacker

New Design: Precision Leveler For Stainless Steel CTL Line

High precision leveler is an important part of stainless steel CTL line , which is mainly used to make stainless steel coil for precise leveling process. 

The following is a detailed description of the high-precision fine leveling equipment:

high speed cut to length line

High-precision fine leveling equipment usually consists of a frame, roller system, transmission system and control system. The frame usually adopts steel structure with sufficient rigidity and stability. The roller system consists of upper and lower rollers, and the gap between the upper and lower rollers is adjusted by the adjusting device. The transmission system realizes power transmission through motor, reducer and transmission shaft. The control system is used to control the operation and parameter adjustment of the equipment.

Working Principle:
Stainless steel coil enters the high-precision precision leveling equipment through the roll loading device, and the coil is transferred between the upper roller and the lower roller through the action of roller system. The upper and lower rollers adjust the gap through the adjusting device, so that the coil is subjected to appropriate pressure, and at the same time by rotating the rollers to make the coil flat. The transmission system provides power to rotate the rollers to complete the fine leveling of the coil.

Technical Parameters

Coil Width
Coil Thickness
Max Weight
10 Ton
Coil Inner Diameter
Outside Diameter
Line Speed
Length Range
Length Tolerance
Total Power

The actual data needs to be professionally designed by KINGREAL engineers according to different production requirements.

Quality Control

steel coil cutting machine

In order to make sure that all production steps adhere to the necessary norms and criteria, KINGREAL has implemented a stringent quality control procedure. This covers the purchase of raw materials, the manufacturing process, assembly, testing, and so forth. to guarantee that each component of the machine satisfies quality requirements.

It has also achieved certification as an international CE certificate.

About Us:

steel coil cutting machine factory

KINGREAL is one of the most professional coil processing equipment manufacturers in China. Its main coil processing equipment includes slitting machines and cut-to-length lines, and also provides customized coil solutions for other industries. KINGREAL has engineers and technicians with extensive expertise to meet various customer needs, as well as its own processing plant to produce high quality machines.

steel coil cut to length line

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KINGREAL Technical Support

technical support
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