Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL
  • Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREALHeavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL
  • Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREALHeavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL
  • Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREALHeavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL
  • Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREALHeavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL

Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL

KINGREAL is one of the profession Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line Manufacturer, which can process the coil thickness from 6-20MM, coil weight up to 30 Ton and more. Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL

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Product Description

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Suppliers of Cut-to-length Shearing Lines:

Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line - 2024 KINGREAL can provide both cut to length line, high speed cut to length machine, simple cut to length line and this heavy gauge cut to length machine, which can precision cut-to-length of hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and other metal coils with automatic stacking device for a fully automated production process.

cut to length line

Breakout On Heavy Duty CTL Line:

Due to its high strength, good toughness, easy processing and forming and good weld-ability, thick sheet metal coil is widely used in various industrial fields, to meet the needs of different industries. Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line demand is increasing, the processing of thick sheet metal coil for the higher requirements of the equipment, from the uncoiling equipment leveling to shear and stacking. The requirements for the load-bearing range are much higher than for other thicknesses of sheet metal.

KINGREAL Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Line is specially designed to process coils with a thickness range of up to 6-20MM by decoiler, straightener, measuring, cut to length machine and stacking.

Technical Specification:



Raw material

Q235 HR

Sheet thickness


Sheet width


Machine input net width


Outer diameter of coil


Inner diameter of coil


Maximum coil weight


Stacking length


Ruling accuracy


Diagonal accuracy


Leveling accuracy


Operating speed


Total power


Machine center height


Working Process Of Cut To Length Line:

cut to length line

Hydraulic Decoiler-- Frame Hydraulic Pilot Machine--Seven-roll leveling machine--Double-head trimmer -- Scarp Collector -- Eleven-roll leveling machine -- Pneumatic sizing device -- Tailboard feeder -- Hydraulic cutting machine -- Stacking machine

More Specification About CTL Line:

  • Hydraulic Double Cone Uncoiler

a.Capacity :30T

b.Brake Specifications: 4-DBH205

c.material frame lifting stroke 650mm (lift directly to the reel, can come to material steel liner removed)

d.Adopting double bearing double cone top pressure type mechanism to clamp the steel coil, the movement of the second end of the machine base is driven by hydraulic cylinders and has the function of simultaneous drive centering, the spindle at the second end of the uncoiler is designed with pneumatic disc brake device.

  • Seven-Roller Pre Leveling Machine

It adopts the structure of two-roller clamping and feeding and five-roller leveling. The motor drives the upper and lower rollers through the reducer and distribution box through the universal connecting shaft, the upper roller adjusting and pressing down for the feeding is executed by the hydraulic cylinder, and the upper roller adjusting and pressing down for the leveling is executed by the electric power. Considering the synchronous operation of the pre-schooling machine and the leveling host, the motor control is controlled by the American PARKER590C series DC control system. The universal connecting shaft adopts the mill industrial universal shaft.

Leveling roller diameter : Φ220mm

Leveling roll spacing : 260mm

Rollers Quantity : 2+5 Rollers

Roller material : GCr15 forged steel with tempered and medium frequency hardened (HRC60)

Main motor power : 132KW DC

Power of motor for adjustment:  2-7.5KW

Main Reducer:   JZQ850

Adjustment reducer : 2-BWY4 Swing reduction

  • Sizing device

a.Function: Preventing the sheet from running out of shape when running, and regulating the sheet into the leveling main machine. It consists of machine base, limit roller, supporting seat slide, guide roller and adjustment device. Vertical guide rollers are provided on both sides of the sheet width direction, and the guide roller frame is fixed on the respective slide, which moves the slide on the guide column in the direction of the sheet width through the motor by means of the wire rod nut payment, so as to adapt to the different sheet widths. The adjustment is motorized.

b.Adjustment range: 900~2000mm

Guide roller material: Gcr15(HRC60)

Adjustment motor: 2~3KW

Adjustment reducer: 2-WPDKS135Worm reducer

  • Main cut to length line

Function: The shearing machine mainly accomplishes the tasks of head cutting, tail cutting, side trimming, longitudinal shearing and cut-to-length shearing.

Material adaptability: It is suitable for steel plates of different thickness and materials, such as ordinary carbon steel, high-quality low alloy steel, alloy steel, pipeline steel and stainless steel plate.

Degree of automation: the whole process works automatically, reducing manual operation and improving production efficiency.

Accurate measurement: with high precision measurement to ensure accurate cutting size.

Shear Blade Gap Adjustment: Shear blade side gap can be adjusted to ensure cutting quality.

a.Model: Hydraulic brake

b.Strokes per minute: 8~12 times

c.Blade material: Cr12Mov

d.Motor Power: 55KW

  • Convertor

Feeding station:

a.It consists of a frame, a swing roller table, a conveyor roller conveyor and a power unit. Its function is to input the flat plate into the throwing machine.

b.Motor: 7.5KW

c.Reducer: BWY4 Swing reducer

Main feeder:

a.It consists of machine base, plaque, slider, throwing roller and power unit. Throwing material upper roller lifting and lowering for pneumatic implementation. The transmission is mechanical. Its function is to feed the plate into the yarding table.

b.Motor: 7.5KW

c.Reducer: BWY4 Swing reducer

  • Stacking Machine

Stacking Table: It consists of steel plates and steel sections welded together. Its function is to stack the calibrated flat plate. Length 12 meters.

Pneumatic stocker: It consists of one set of longitudinal limits leveling device and three sets of transverse limits leveling device. Both the limiting and adjusting mechanisms can be adjusted according to different board widths, and the adjustment is manual. The material rectifying execution is a pneumatic actuator.

metal cut to length line
steel cut to length machine
cut to length machine

Final Product Display

metal cut to length

KINGREAL Service For Heavy Gauge CTL Line:

1. Full range of customized services, according to the customer's plate production needs to provide Cut To Length production line drawing design, can be configured with the choice.

2. Provide various configurations for CTL line, such as loading trolley, trimming device, automatic stacking, automatic discharging, etc.; realize fully automatic production.

3. Provide a variety of accessories to ensure the stability and longevity of the CTL Line;

4. engineers local after-sales service guarantee, can guide the installation of Cut To Length Line on site.

5. 24/7 on-line after-sales service, technical answer.

steel coil cut to length line

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