CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER
  • CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTERCR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER
  • CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTERCR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER
  • CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTERCR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER
  • CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTERCR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER

CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER

CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER is designed for precision cut-to-length cutting of cold rolled materials of common thicknesses from 0.3 to 3MM. More than 20 years of production experience can provide diversified production solutions, welcome to contact us!

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Product Description

Video Display Of CR Coil Cut To Length Line - KINGREAL SLITTER:

Production Line Description:

The KINGREAL SLITTER CR Coil Cut To Length Line is a line specifically designed to process metal coils from the original coil through a series of processes such as uncoiling, leveling, cut-to-length, trimming, and stacking to obtain a specified length of sheet metal. It meets the different production requirements of our customers:

-Raw material:

Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, color coated steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloys;

-Thickness range:

Light equipment: 0.3-3MM.

Medium equipment: 3-6MM

Heavy equipment: 6-20MM

coil cut to length line

Working Process:

metal cut to length machine

Loading Trolley car-- Hydraulic Decoiler --  Hydraulic Pressing & Guiding-- High Precision Straightener -- Cut To Length Machine -- Auto Stacker -- Electric Control System -- Hydraulic System

Configuration Options:

KINGREAL SLITTER, as a supplier of cold rolled cut-to-length lines with more than 20 years of production experience, is committed to providing customers with diversified design solutions to meet their different production needs.

The cut-to-length line is capable of combining different components according to the customer's requirements to process and produce metal coils, and each line needs to take into account the raw material, thickness, and processing needs of the coils to match the components. The most common optional part:

- Straightener Machine

Precision leveling; rough leveling; dual levelers

metal straightener machine

- Trimming device

Trimming device

- Automatic Stacking

stacker machine

Technical Specification:

Raw material
Sheet thickness
Sheet width
Outer diameter of coil
Inner diameter of coil
Cutting Speed
Threading speed
Total power

Main Components Detail:


With the aid of this apparatus, the load-bearing steel coil can be clamped and opened to achieve the tension uncoiling function. Frame body, reel, transmission system, press material system, tension system, lubrication system, and hydraulic system are its constituent parts.

Drive mechanism: The clutch mechanism realizes the separation of power during normal uncoiling and the passive discharging of the material. The uncoiler's spindle is pushed by the motor to rotate, realizing the unfolding of the steel coil and the feeding of the head.

Rising and shrinking system: The wedge-shaped slider and the sliding seat on the spindle produce displacement by means of tension provided by the rising and shrinking cylinder, so realizing the rising.


High Precision Leveler Machine

Structure and purpose: Uneven steel plate leveling is its intended purpose. The leveling machine uses a six-layer roller construction. To obtain the best leveling effect, each leveling roller is treated through precision turning, tempering, chromium plating, and grinding. With a universal coupling, the distribution gear box drives the leveling rollers independently, enabling the single machine to rotate both forward and backward.

coil cut to length

Cut To Length Machine

1.Weight of unit equipment: more than 600 tons, complex structure, manufacturing difficulty, high assembly precision, high level of automation control.

2.Parallelism of shear blades: 0.1mm parallelism is guaranteed on the upper and lower shear blades of maximum 5.2m length.

3.Shear blade clearance: in the minimum shear blade clearance of 0.45 millimeters to ensure safe and stable shear.

4.Cutting time and precision: in 3.6 seconds of pure shear time for 50 mm thick, 5 meters wide steel plate for high precision, high quality shear

The technical advantages of the equipment include:

Highly rigid, low-deformation frame features that provide stable shearing and dramatically improve shear quality.

Over-balanced oscillating roller conveyor technology with independent drive reduces steel plate bending deformation and improves shear quality. Thin oil lubrication structure, oil palace seal protection and self-lubricating material application to simplify the structure and improve the life of wear parts.

coil cut to length line

Why Choose Us:

- Extensive project production experience (over 20 years)

- Complete production solutions

- Technical team and after-sales team

-Domestic and international exhibitions

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