Metal Cut To Length Machine
  • Metal Cut To Length MachineMetal Cut To Length Machine
  • Metal Cut To Length MachineMetal Cut To Length Machine
  • Metal Cut To Length MachineMetal Cut To Length Machine
  • Metal Cut To Length MachineMetal Cut To Length Machine

Metal Cut To Length Machine

KINGREAL MACHINERY can provide metal cut to length machine, which is design to cutting the metal sheet into required length. KINGREAL has been focusing on cut-to-length lines for more than 20 years and is a professional manufacturer and supplier in China. Our machines have the advantages of high quality and customization, and look forward to long-term and stable cooperation with customers all over the world

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Product Description

Video About Metal Cut To Length Machine

Description Of Metal Cut To Length Machine

KINGREAL metal cut to length machine is design to shear metal coils of different thicknesses into sheets of specified width for the further metal processing.

Cut to length production line usually includes multiple production equipment to ensure the efficient operation of the production line. Metal cut-to-length shearing lines are usually used to process metal materials with a thickness of 0.3-12MM or thicker.

In addition to metal cut-to-length shearing lines, KINGREAL also designs a variety of cut-to-length shearing lines for different materials and different production characteristics and needs, such as

Workflow Of Metal Cut To Length Machine

Coil trolley → Decoiler → Pinch feed roller feeding → High precision leveling device → Fixed length cutting → Unloading table / Automatic stacking table

Main Components Detail Of Cut To Length Line

Decoiler With Hydraulic Cantilever

KINGREAL hydraulic cantilever is design foe supports coil and performs uncoiling,which max capacity is 15 tons.
Hydraulic cylinders are used to make the uncoiler retractable and suitable for the coil inside diameter. It is equipped with a cantilever arm.

High Precision Leveling Machine

KINGREAL leveling machine is controlled by servo motor for high speed feed and precise length control adjustment. Operation is carried out on the control console with programmable control.
Drive method: 15KW servo motor, precision reduction drive, synchronized conveyor belt to feed rollers

High Speed Shearing Machine

Cutting mode including hydraulic up and down shear, with the feeder direct signal automatic shear. The use of gap adjustment design cutting materials, heat treatment can safely shear 2mm steel plate.

Pneumatic system

Pneumatic system consists of gas source (provided by the demander), gas source processing components, Salennoid, related pipelines and cylinders, etc. 
Salennoid and other components are made of high quality products.
Technical parameters: Air source pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa. capacity: 1m³/min.

Equipment list of metal cut to length machine

 Hydraulic coil car
- Hydraulic decoiler
- Hydraulic entrance guide
- Four / six high leveling machine
- Ring bridge
- Side guide pulley
- CNC servo feeding straightening machine
- Measuring system
- Shearing machine
- Conveyor table
- Pneumatic unloading device 
- Hydraulic lifting table
- Unstacking car   
- Hydraulic system
- Pneumatic system
- Electrical system PLC control

Specification Of Metal Cut To Length Machine

Machine type

Cut to length line

Coil material

Metal coil(other can be customized

Coil thickness


Coil width


Coil Inner Diameter

500/610 mm

Coil Outer Diameter

≤2000 mm

Cutting Speed


Cut to length Accuracy

±1.5 mm

Cut to Length Range


Sheet Leveling Flatness


Use and attention of metal cut to length line

1.Coil should be put right to keep the weight balance. The coil trolley must fix and tension the coil into the uncoiler before it can be reset.
2.Press the coil head with the traction roller first, then open the coil package to prevent the coil head from popping open.
3.When the machine is running, the operator must not stand on the coil.


Are you a manufacturer?

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier.
We offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including high speed coil slitting line, copper slitting machine, 200m/min coil slitting machine, simple slitting machine, cut to length line machine, fly shearing for cut to length machine, coil ctl machine.
We have a professional team and rich project experience, can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us.

How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city. 
One is by flight, direct toFoshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station. 
We will pick you up at the station or airport.

Why should I choose you, and what makes you different from other Chinese suppliers?

We have specialized in this industry for over 20 years, especially in roll forming machines. 
Our machine lines are exported directly to Russia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and many other countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.

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