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KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER is a professional manufacturer and supplier of metal coil slitting machine equipment in China, which is able to customize the design of machine drawings and manufacturing solutions according to the needs of customers, and is committed to providing customers with the optimal solution to establish a long-term and stable relationship.

What Is Coil Slitting Machine?

Coil Slitting Machine is a kind of high-efficiency equipment specially designed for cutting wide metal coils longitudinally into a number of narrow strips, which can be used to process steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals for longitudinal shearing, and is suitable for coils with different thicknesses according to customer's production needs, for slitting and final winding. KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER popular longitudinal shearing and slitting machine Products include double slitter head coil slitting machine, full auto slitting machine, metal sheet slitting machine, stainless steel slitting machine, coil slitting machine with belt tension, heavy gauge coil slitting machine and so on.

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Design Characteristics

Mechanical structure design

1.Unwinding mechanism: The unwinding mechanism is used to unwind and support the coil, usually equipped with a rise and fall shaft, a brake device and an automatic centering device to ensure smooth unwinding and centering of the coil.

2.Slitting mechanism: The shearing mechanism is the core part of the slitting machine, which adopts high-precision knife shaft and shearing tool for cutting. The knife shaft is supported by precision bearings to ensure smooth operation and precise cutting.

3.Guiding and Tension Control System: The guiding device ensures the stable running of the strip during the shearing process, and the tension control system maintains the proper tension of the strip by means of tension sensors and feedback control.

Power Transmission Design

1. Servo motor and frequency converter: Servo motor and frequency converter are used to drive the knife shaft and rewinding shaft to ensure precise control of cutting speed and tension. The servo system is characterized by fast response and high precision control.

2. Coupling and reducer: The power is transferred to the knife shaft and winding shaft through the coupling and reducer to ensure the smoothness and reliability of the transmission system.

How To Control The Quality Of Coil Slitting Machine?

1. Processing technology

Precision machining: adopt high-precision machining equipment and processes, such as CNC machine tools, grinding machines, etc., to ensure the machining precision of each component of the metal slitting machine.

2. Quality control

Strict inspection standards: establish strict quality inspection standards, conduct comprehensive inspection on raw materials, processing and finished products to ensure that each index of the slitting machine meets the design requirements.

3. Installation and commissioning

Professional installation team: equipment installation is carried out by experienced installation team to ensure the correct installation and debugging of the equipment.

System debugging: system debugging of the whole machine, including mechanical parts, transmission parts and control system, to ensure that the performance of the equipment meets the design requirements.

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