Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine
  • Hot Rolled Steel Slitting MachineHot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine
  • Hot Rolled Steel Slitting MachineHot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine
  • Hot Rolled Steel Slitting MachineHot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine
  • Hot Rolled Steel Slitting MachineHot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

KINGREAL is a professional hot rolled steel slitting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. With more than twenty years of coil process production experience and high quality machine, we have successfully shipped machines to all over the world. We look forward to reaching long-term and stable cooperation with customersVideo About Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

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Product Description

Video About Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

Description Of Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

KINGREAL provides hot rolled steel slitting machine to process hot-rolled steel in various specifications and widths. 

Hot-rolled steel is a steel that has been heated and rolled at a high temperature. Its strength is not very high, but it is sufficient for our use. It has good plasticity, so it is extremely practical.

KINGREAL steel slitter is used to cut narrow strip steel from master coils, capable of slitting steel in different material thicknesses. Our slitting lines maintain high precision while allowing customers to make changes when required.

Main Procedure Of Hot Rolled Steel Coil Slitting Machine

Carrying coil car→Hydraulic single arm decoiler→Feeding guide plate fitting→Pinching machine,coil shearing→Front looping table→Side guiding fitting→Back looping table→Tension table→Recoiler→Discharging car→Hydraulic control→Electric control

hr slitter drawing

Main Component Details


Reference Date


Hydraulic Decoiler

-Load-bearing: 15T
- Steel coil inner diameter: Φ508mm
- Steel coil outer diameter: MAX: Φ1800mm
- unwinding power: 11KW motor

Carry the steel coil, expand the inner diameter of the coil, uncoil and unwind or recycle the coil.

It supports the coiled plate and provides tension to the steel belt. It is composed of a frame, a main shaft, an expansion and contraction reel, an unwinding and pressing device, an auxiliary support, a brake device, and a power part.

Slitting Machine

- Slitting speed: 120m/min
- Tool shaft diameter: Φ160mm×1600mm
- Material: 42CrMo
- Main motor power: 60KW

Slitter is a machine that cuts strip coils longitudinally into various widths. The width of the sheared product can be flexibly changed by switching the combined spacer. Knife shaft adjustment adopts the lower shaft fixed, the upper shaft adjustment for worm gear synchronous adjustment of knife shaft spacing mode, can accurately control the gap between the upper shaft and the lower shaft.

Rewinding Machine

-Load-bearing: 15T
- Steel coil inner diameter: Φ508mm
- Steel coil outer diameter: MAX: Φ1800mm
- Push plate: Cylinder pushing

- Braking System: Disc brakes

This equipment is used to rewind the strips after slitting. It consists of frame body, reel, transmission system, rising and shrinking system, braking system, lubrication system, hydraulic system and so on.

Features Of Hot Rolled Steel Slitting Machine

1) High-speed cantilever uncoiling mechanism, using the ground to uncoil, reducing the pain of digging a pit.
2) The use of spacer type round shear, in this round shear can also be installed in the locking type blade, for dual-use round shear.
3)Adopt our newly developed double-edged cutting head device, which is small in size and fast in cutting speed.
4)Adopting air bag type pressing to ensure the tension to keep the balanced tension in different thickness.
5)Adopt our new patented technology taper tension anti-scratch tension mechanism control system, which solves the problem of tension scratches and winding characteristics.
6)Adopt the horizontal drive winding mechanism newly developed by our technical team, which solves the problem of gear lubrication of winding mechanism.

hr slitting line

Application Of Hot Rolled Strip Product

Hot-rolled products have excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness and easy processing and forming
Widely used in manufacturing industries such as ships, automobiles, bridges, construction, machinery, and pressure vessels

hr slitting product

Hot Rolled Steel Coil Slitting Machine Specification

Coil Material

Hot rolled steel(other can be customized

Coil Thickness


Max Coil Width


Coil Inner Diameter


Max Coil Weight

20 T

Slitting Machine Speed


Slitting Burr


Total Capacity


The above data are for reference, specific can be customized.

Who Are We?

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier.
We offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including high speed coil slitting line, copper slitting machine, 200m/min coil slitting machine, simple slitting machine, cut to length line machine, fly shearing for cut to length machine, coil ctl machine.
We have a professional team and rich project experience, can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us.

steel slitting line factory

How To Transport The Machine

How to transport heavy machinery efficiently and safely is often a huge challenge.
The following is our machine packing and loading process.
-Use the plastic protective film
- Stick the mark
- Prepare the trailer for loading
- Secure equipment

steel sheet slitting machine

How To Install The Machine

In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services 

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