Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine
  • Galvanized Steel Slitting MachineGalvanized Steel Slitting Machine
  • Galvanized Steel Slitting MachineGalvanized Steel Slitting Machine
  • Galvanized Steel Slitting MachineGalvanized Steel Slitting Machine
  • Galvanized Steel Slitting MachineGalvanized Steel Slitting Machine
  • Galvanized Steel Slitting MachineGalvanized Steel Slitting Machine

Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine

As a professional manufacturer, KINGREAL has more than 20 years of experience in the field of slitting machines. KINGREAL can provide the galvanized steel slitting machine, which is design for precise slitting and rewinding of rolls to specified widths. KINGREAL can ensure the high quality of our machines and is recognized by customers from all over the world. welcome to contact us!

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Product Description

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Description Of Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine

coil slitting equipment

KINGREAL is the most professional slitting machine manufacturer in China, and can provide the high precision galvanized steel slitting machine to customers from all over the world.

The galvanized steel slitting machine is used to slit galvanized steel coil into different widths and slit as well as smaller strips are rewind at the end of slitting machine according to the production requirements of the user.

The coil slitting machine mainly consists of decoiler, leveling,slitting machine, trimming recoiler, separating unit, tensioner and rewinding. In addition to the galvanized steel slitting machine, KINGREAL also can provide other slitting machine as different needs of customers, such as 

√ 220m/min high speed slitting machine
√Belt tension coil slitting line
√High precision coil steel slitting machine
√Full auto coil slitting machine

coil slitting machine line

Working Process Of Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine

Trolley for loading coil -- Hydraulic decoiler -- Tension station -- Straightener -- Loop bridge -- Slitting machine -- Coil guide -- Pit loop -- Seperatation -- Rewind

slitting machine line

Main components details of galvanized steel slitting machine

Hydraulic Decoiler

This slitting line uncoiling unit adopts hydraulic collapsible roller, no harm to the bottom layer of material. It can be stretch uncoiling or manual unloading, effectively prevent the material from deflection and scratching.

For large-size coils, KINGREAL designed an uncoiling trolley to realize automatic winding work, saving manpower and increasing the speed of winding.

Slitting Machine

1. The slitting head mandrel is fixed in the eccentric sleeve. If the blade is just polished, the slitting angle remains the same.

2. The slitting line has two slitting heads. While one is running online, the other can be set up for equipment, which can greatly eliminate production downtime.
3. Hydraulic lock nut is used for higher accuracy of blade positioning.

roll slitter
roll slitting machine
Rewinding Machine

1. The slitting line can be equipped with a seamless hydraulic retractable winder, which does not damage the material substrate.
2. The clamping device has stress-reducing characteristics. For different thickness of the sheet, the roundness of the reel remains the same.
3. Coiling is firm, dense and neat.

Feature Of Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine

1.Adopt our new patented technology taper tension anti-scratch tension mechanism control system, which solves the problem of tension scratch and winding characteristics.

2.Adopting the newly developed horizontal drive winding mechanism by our technical team, which solves the gear lubrication problem of winding mechanism.

3.This steel coil slitting line is controlled by PLC, featuring high degree of automation, high shearing precision, good slitting quality and wide range of applications.

slitting machine manufacturer

KINGREAL Galvanized Steel Slitting Machine Specification


Galvanized steel (other can be)

Coil Thickness


Coil With


Coil I.D

508 mm

Coil O.D


Coil Weight

20 T

Machine Power


Slitting Speed



210 Kw

Machine Color



Are you manufacturer?
sheet coil cutting machine factory

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier.


We offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including high speed coil slitting line, copper slitting machine, 200m/min coil slitting machine, simple slitting machine, cut to length line machine, fly shearing for cut to length machine, coil ctl machine.


We have a professional team and rich project experience, can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us.


How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city.

One is by flight, direct toFoshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station.

We will pick you up at the station or airport.

How to order?

What information do you have to provide for us to prepare a quote?

1. Thickness of the coil (min-max)?

2. Coil width (min-max)?

3. What is your steel material?

4. Coil weight (max)?

5. How many pieces of maximum thickness do you need to slit?

6. How many tons do you need per day or per month?  


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