Simple Coil Slitting Machine
  • Simple Coil Slitting MachineSimple Coil Slitting Machine
  • Simple Coil Slitting MachineSimple Coil Slitting Machine
  • Simple Coil Slitting MachineSimple Coil Slitting Machine
  • Simple Coil Slitting MachineSimple Coil Slitting Machine
  • Simple Coil Slitting MachineSimple Coil Slitting Machine

Simple Coil Slitting Machine

KINGREAL manufacturer has been focusing on the field of slitting machines for more than 20 years. It is a professional manufacturer in China with rich production experience , can provide high-quality simple coil slitting machine. We look forward to a long-term and stable cooperation with you.

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Product Description

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Description Of Simple Coil Slitting Machine

slitting machine

The KINGREAL MACHINERY can provide the simple coil slitting machine for customers

with lower budget. The coil slitting machine is mainly used for cutting wide coils into specific narrower coil strips required by customers, and finally rewind the production line.

KINGREAL can supply slitting machine lines with any characteristics and cost-effectiveness according to customer requirements. Generally speaking, in order to be able to accurately cut wider coils, the scale of the slitting machine production line is relatively large. The corresponding venue and cost will be expensive after all.

However, in order to meet customers with low requirements for accuracy and coil width, KINGREAL will also provide a simple version of the slitting machine, called Simple Coil Slitting Machine. It can try to simplify the equipment requirements on the premise that the production line can meet the needs of customers.

KINGREAL simple coil slitting machine mainly includes: hydraulic decoiler, slitting machine, conveyor, hydraulic winder. This slitting machine will complete the process of slitting and cutting the coil into the required size, and then rolling it into the specified profile, and the coiler will wind up the scrap steel at the same time.

Main components details of simple coil slitting machine

Slitting machine

The slittung machine is composed of side guide device to realize positioning bar and stop jumping bar, bottom frame, knife pivot and movable bracket. Slitting high-quality strip steel is an important part, and different sizes can be adjusted according to the blade.

Among them, the cutter shaft is made of Cr-Mo steel, which is precisely manufactured after repeated heat treatment, which can ensure the high precision of the cutting material to the greatest extent.

Rewinding machine

The overall steel plate cantilever structure design adopts the hydraulic expansion and contraction model design. Hydraulic arm design, equipped with spacers to ensure uniform winding quality.

coil slitter

In addition, the front and rear ends of the simple slitting machine are equipped with roller devices to reduce the surface damage of materials. At the same time, it is equipped with a removable control panel for easy operation.

Advantage Of Simple Coil Slitting Machine

Low budget for coil slitting line

Purchase a production line that can complete the slitting process at the lowest price, reducing the production cost of the manufacturer. At the same time, the area of the installation site will be greatly reduced, reducing the cost of the site.

Easy to operate

The simple version of the slitting machine may reduce the equipment on the production line and reduce the complexity of the production line.

Many materials can be divided into strips

The simple coil slitting machine can slitting different materials, such as stainless steel, copper strip, steel plate, hot-rolled steel, etc., can be simply slitting.

coil slitting line

echnical Parameter Of Simple Coil Slitting Machine

Coil thickness (mm)


Maximum speed (m/min)


Number of slitting machines


Roller stand


Main power (Kw)


Spindle (mm)


Tool material


Cutting accuracy


Hydraulic station power (Kw)


Control system

Programmable logic controller

slitting line machine


What is coil processing?

Coil processing is the transformation of steel coils into various shapes and sizes.

Common coil processing techniques include cut-to-length, slitting, shape standardization, stretching/straightening, and edge sealing.

Different coil lines will achieve different results and end products, so it is important to know what process you want to accomplish when selecting a coil line.

This page is a slitting line for the steel coil category.


What is our advantages?

With more than 15 years experience in manufacturing the machines and we are a manufacturer.

So we can provide the strong and powerful service before and after sales.


How to visit your company?

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong Province. So there are two ways to our city.

One is by flight, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou Airport. Another is by train, direct to Foshan or Guangzhou station.

We will pick you up at the station or airport.

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