1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine
  • 1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine
  • 1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine
  • 1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine
  • 1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine

1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine

1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine is one of KINGREAL most distinctive products. The dual slitter head design is suitable for 0.3-3MM coils to achieve high speed production efficiency of 220M/Min. It is currently sold to Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

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Product Description

Video About Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine:

Production Line Description:

KINGREAL 1300MM Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine is designed for precision slitting of aluminum, galvanized steel, hot rolled, cold rolled and many other common metal coils to meet different slitting requirements of customers, including slitting speed, quantity and quality.

The design of double knife seat is able to realize the slitting of different sizes of coils in the same production line, which greatly improves the production efficiency by replacing the knife seat, and has gained the favor of many customers.

In addition to the double knife seat design, KINGREAL steel sheet slitting machine is also designed for customers to protect the machine cover, improve the production safety in the slitting process, in line with the customer's production requirements. It is now successfully running in the Saudi Arabia customer's factory.

steel sheet metal

KINGREAL can also provide the following coil process equipment:

Working Process Of Dual Slitter Head Coil Slitting Machine

steel coil slitting machine

Loading The Coil -- Hydraulic Decoiler -- High Precision Straightener -- Loop Bridge -- Slitting Machine -- Rolling Waste Edge -- Loop Bridge -- Tension --Rewinding Machine

List Of Components





Loading Cart

1 Set


Hydraulic Cantilever Decoiler

1 Set


Five-Roller Straightener

1 Set


Loop Bridge

2 Set


Slitting Machine

2 Set


Waste Material Rewinding

1 Set


Hydraulic Rewinding



Hydraulic System

1 Set


Electronic Control System

1 Set


Customized Parts Protective Shield

1 Set

(The parts list is for reference only, the specific needs to follow the production requirements for customized design)

Technical Specification

Raw Material Parameters

Coil Material

Aluminum, Steel, Galvanized Steel, etc

Coil Thickness


Coil Width


Coil Wight

15 Ton

Finished Product Parameters

Width tolerance


Straightness of slitting


Waste trimmings


Slitting Machine Parameters

Working Speed


Power source


Installed capacity

about 280KW

Main Component Details

① Hydraulic Cantilever Decoiler

The main function of a hydraulic cantilever decoiler is to carry and rotate a web so that it is slowly unwound for the next step in the process. This type of decoiler typically consists of a reel, a stand, a drive train, etc., and is of the single-bearing cantilever type. The reel usually consists of a support shaft, a wedge slide and a bow plate nested in the wedge slide, which expands and contracts the reel under the action of a slanting wedge to accommodate different sized rolls.

Hydraulic cantilever decoiler are particularly important in high-speed metal slitting machine equipment, because it can be motorized to achieve the rotation of the reel, so as to keep the strip under post-tension for upper unwinding under the drive system.

steel coil slitting line

① Dual Slitter Head Slitting Machine

a. Main body frame: section steel, steel plate, welded together, annealed to eliminate stress and then process the reference surface.

b. Pressing pair of rollers: the upper roller can be synchronized by the cylinder lifting pressure material, to ensure the stability of the plate into the knife shaft, the upper roller steam movement.

c. Knife shaft material: 42CrMo, specification 200mm×1300mm, with keyway, through rough machining, tempering treatment, medium frequency treatment, grinding, hard chrome plating, regrinding and other 8 processes;

steel coil machine

① Protective Shield:

The protective machine cover in the metal slitting machine has the following roles and characteristics:

Equipment protection: the protective machine cover can isolate the machine from direct contact with the surrounding environment, prevent dust, water stains, oil, swarf and other pollutants from entering the interior of the machine, so as to improve the service life of the machine.

Operation safety: the protective machine cover ensures the safety of the operator and surrounding staff, prevents personnel from direct contact with high-speed moving parts, electrically charged conductors or other dangerous parts, and avoids accidents.

steel slitting line

Why Choose Us?

▶ 1. Complete coil processing equipment solutions;

▶ 2. Professional technical team

-Pre-sale design program; -Professional manufacturing during sale; -After-sale installation service;

▶ 3. Abundant project cases

We have successfully sold our slitting machines to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India and Russia.

slitting steel coils

KINGREAL Exhibition

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