Coil Cut To Length Machine

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional coil cut to length machine manufacturer and supplier. KINGREAL adheres to the basic principle of "quality first, service first", and always produces high quality coil cut to length machine for customers. At present, it has more than 20 years of production and sales experience, which has been affirmed by customers.We can offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including fly shearing cut to length line, heavy gauge cut to length machine, full auto cut to length line and automatic stacking cut to length line, etc.


KINGREAL coil cut to length machine is used in cut different materials into specific lengths according to customer needs. KINGREAL coil cut to length line is controlled by PLC system to realize fully automatic production.Before the machine runs, it is only necessary to input the required product length, cutting quantity and machine cutting speed information into the PLC system.

Most of the cut to length products will be applied to processing industry of different metal materials, integratedmills, aerospace, servicecenters and construction.


KINGREAL has reached cooperation with customers in many countries and regions, such as Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Russia. And it has been well received by customers. Welcome to visit our factory.

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  • KINGREAL MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer in China, which can provide a complete line of coil processing equipment. Among them, in order to improve the production quality of the equipment, KINGREAL also specially designed Cut To Length Line With Trimming.

  • KINGREAL MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer of coil processing equipment in China, which can provide Leveling And Cross Cutting Production Line. This Cut To Length Line can cut metal coils crosswise to specified widths and stack them.

  • Cut To Length Machine is mainly used in cut the original metal plate into precise size, which is used to make various industrial products. KINGREAL MACHINERY is one of the most professional coil processing manufacturers in China, able to provide Medium Gauge Cut To Length Machine of various specifications.

  • KINGREAL manufacturer can provide complete coil processing equipment solutions to solve production problems for customers. On the cut-to-length shearing line equipment, KINGREAL will customize the production according to the needs of customers with different specifications, such as Light Gauge Cut To Length Production Line.

  • KINGREAL MACHINERY can provide complete solution for cut to length line. As a professional manufacturer in China's coil processing industry, KINGREAL has more than 20 years of production and sales experience. Successfully manufactured and shipped different types of slitting machines and CTL line to all over the world, welcome to contact us

  • KINGREAL has many years of coil processing production equipment manufacturers, can provide a variety of coil slitting machine and cut to length line. In order to meet customers' demand for production efficiency, KINGREAL specially designed and produced High Speed Cut To Length Line, which Speed can up to 80m/min.

Welcome to buy high quality Coil Cut To Length Machine from our factory, KingReal as one of the Coil Cut To Length Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, We can provide customers with a price list and provide you with affordable quotations.