High Speed Cut To Length Line
  • High Speed Cut To Length LineHigh Speed Cut To Length Line
  • High Speed Cut To Length LineHigh Speed Cut To Length Line
  • High Speed Cut To Length LineHigh Speed Cut To Length Line
  • High Speed Cut To Length LineHigh Speed Cut To Length Line
  • High Speed Cut To Length LineHigh Speed Cut To Length Line

High Speed Cut To Length Line

KINGREAL has many years of coil processing production equipment manufacturers, can provide a variety of coil slitting machine and cut to length line. In order to meet customers' demand for production efficiency, KINGREAL specially designed and produced High Speed Cut To Length Line, which Speed can up to 80m/min.

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Product Description

Video About High Speed Cut To Length Machine

Description Of High Speed Cut To Length Machine

The cut to length line is designed to cut coils of different thicknesses from different materials into specified widths for final application in processing services for metal service centers and steel mills, the automotive industry, the household appliance industry and many other industries.


With the rapid development of various industries, the demand for coil processing in the market is increasing. In order to meet the requirements of major factories for the improvement of production efficiency, KINGREAL specially designed and produced this high speed cut to length line.

This high-speed production line adopts the cutting method of flying shears to minimize the downtime of the production line during operation, which speed up to 80m/min, so as to increase production capacity and improve production efficiency.


For more information of the flying shearing way, you can click to know!

Flow Chat Of Cut To Length Machine

Trolley For Loading Coil -- Hydraulic Decoiler -- Feed Roller -- Straightener-- Loop Bridge -- Side Guide Device -- Servo Straightening Machine -- Fly Shearing Machine -- Transition Table -- Auto Stack

Technical Parameters Of High Speed Cut To Length Line

① Basic Parameter Reference

Raw Material

Steel, Stainless, Copper and so on

Coil Thickness


Coil Width


Coil Weight

20 T

Coil I.D.


Coil O.D


Production Line Speed


Leveling Roller Diameter


Leveling Rollers Material


Knife Pivot Material


② Component Equipment List





Hydraulic Decoiler



Upload Trolley



Leveling & Feeding Device



Pneumatic Clutch Cut-to-length Machine






Gantry Stacking Machine



Loop bridge


(Specific parameters and parts lists need to be customized according to the customer's needs.)

Advantage Of This High Speed CTL Line

Fast speed and high production efficiency

This production line is equipped with flying shear shearing equipment, which can realize the production effect of uninterrupted feeding and shearing, and the production speed is as high as 80m/min. For the production line with lower configuration, its production speed is only 20m/min.

What follows is a brief description of the flying shear equipment.

KINGREAL flying shears are mechanically powered with geared motors and inverters. In order to ensure the speed of the flying shear, KINGREAL provides automatic shearing parts lubrication.


Long Lifetime Of Machine

KINGREAL adopts the shearing equipment of flying shears to achieve a slower shearing ram speed, thereby reducing the impact of the shearing blades, the noise and vibration of sudden passage. Thereby increasing the service life of the machine and shearing blades.


Full Automation Stacking

KINGREAL designs automatic stacking machine configuration the cut-to-length production line to realize automatic stacking production.

Working Process Of Normal CTL Line

Application Of Cut To Length Machine

- Processing industry of different metal materials

- Integrated Mills

- Mini Mills

- Aerospace/Military

- Manufacturing

- Service Centers

- Construction 

KINGREAL Technical Supporting In Saudi Arabia

KINGREAL is able to provide technical after-sales service to our customers. In order to ensure the smooth installation and operation of the machines, KINGREAL will arrange to send engineers to the customer's project for technical guidance.

Up to now, KINGREAL has helped customers from Russia, Mexico, India and Saudi Arabia to use the machines smoothly.


1.  What kind of delivery method do you have?

After we receive the deposit, we will arrange the production. The delivery will be done in about 30 working days.


2. Can a machine produce only one size?

Not exactly, it depends on the machine.


3.  What can you do if the machine breaks down?

Our machines have a 12-month warranty. If the faulty part cannot be repaired, we can send you a new part to replace the faulty one, but you have to pay the courier cost yourself. If the warranty period has expired, we can negotiate a solution and provide technical support for the entire life of the machine.


4. Can you handle the shipping?

Yes, please let us know the destination port or address, we have a lot of experience in shipping.

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