Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line
  • Stainless Steel Cut To Length LineStainless Steel Cut To Length Line
  • Stainless Steel Cut To Length LineStainless Steel Cut To Length Line
  • Stainless Steel Cut To Length LineStainless Steel Cut To Length Line
  • Stainless Steel Cut To Length LineStainless Steel Cut To Length Line

Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line

KINGREAL is a professional stainless steel cut to length line manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been focusing on the field of cut-to-length production line for more than 20 years, and have rich experience in production and sales. KINGREAL always provides high-quality machines and permanent after-sales service. looking forward to your contact!

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Product Description

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What is KINGREAL stainless steel cut to length line?

KINGREAL stainless steel cut to length line is mainly used to cut the stainless steel coil(other material can be ) to specified size sheet and stack the profile, which is including loading trolley, hydraulic decoiler, leveling part, servo feeder, cutting machine and the auto stacking table, etc,. 

The components included in the CTL line are not fixed and are determined by the different production needs of customers. KINGREAL has a dedicated design team to customize the design according to the drawings or parameters provided by customers, and produce high-quality cut to length machine that satisfy customers.

Instead of stainless steel CTL machine, KINGREAL also provide following production line:
- Fly Shearing Cut-To-Length Line
- Rotary Shearing Cut To Length Line
- Stop To Shearing Cut To Length Line 
- Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Machine
- And other material cut to length line.

Working Process Of Stainless Steel Cut To Length Line

Transport coil→ Loading with trolley → Decoiler → Clamping initial correction → Transition → Guide pressing → Straightener → Sizing → Shearing machine → Swing clamping drop → Auto stacker.

Main components detail of CTL machine

Hydraulic cantilever decoiler

KINGREAL design the hydraulic cantilever decoiler to supports coils and performs uncoiling. 
Hydraulic cylinders are used to make the decoilerr retractable and suitable for the coil inside diameter. It is equipped with a cantilever arm.

Bridge loop

It uses 2 sets of eyes to control the speed buffer between the uncoiler and the slitter. T-eyes are controlled by PLC.
The bridge loop is used to eliminate the different speed and bring the wrong tracked sheet back to the right direction.
At first, the pallets and transition plates are jacked up by cylinders to make the head pass. When working, the transition plate and pallets move down and the plates are stored in the pit.

High-speed cutting machine

Shearing mode: hydraulic up and down shear, with the feeder direct signal automatic shear.
The use of gap adjustment design cutting materials, heat treatment can safely shear 2mm steel plate

Advantage of stainless steel cut to length line

Diversified shearing type selection

The speed of shearing determines the production speed of the entire production line. KINGREAL has designed several different types of shears for customers with different needs.
Flying shears and rotary shears are suitable for customers who have the most pursuit of production speed, and the speed can reach 60m/min
The production cost of customized cutting is the lowest, which can save the factory floor area and save costs for customers.

Fully automated CTL production line

Using the PCL control system, only need to input the speed and width of the shearing plate, the production line can produce automatically. Simple and easy to operate.

Professional after-sales team

KINGREAL will provide a dedicated after-sales team for installation explanations and assistance with any problems in the follow-up production line. Ensure that the customer's production line is put into normal use。

Parameter Of stainless steel cut to length line

Machine Type

Cut To Length Machine


Stainless steel 

Max Coil Thickness


Max Coil Weight


Max Coil Height

30 Ton

Max Cutting Length


Cutting Speed


Cut Tolerance



How to transport the machine?

How to transport heavy machinery efficiently and safely is often a huge challenge.
The following is our machine packing and loading process.

How to install the machine?

How to Provide Installation Services?
In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services

What our advantage?

KINGREAL Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier.
We offer full solutions in coil processing and machine tool building, which including high speed coil slitting line, copper slitting machine, 200m/min coil slitting machine, simple slitting machine, cut to length line machine, fly shearing for cut to length machine, coil ctl machine.
We have a professional team and rich project experience, can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us.

How to order?

KINGREAL Exhibition

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