Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine
  • Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind MachineSheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine
  • Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind MachineSheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine
  • Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind MachineSheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine
  • Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind MachineSheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine

Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine

KINGREAL is a professional manufacturer of sheet processing equipment in China, which can provide customers with a variety of high quality machines. Among them the Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine can provide customers with perforated sheet products.

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Product Description

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Description Of Sheet Coil Perforation And Rewind Machine

perforated metal machine

The metal coil punching line is operated by an decoiler that coils the sheet metal to the perforation machine, which punches the sheet metal through a precise die, and after the punching is finished, the rewind machine recoiling the sheet metal to complete the whole line.

In addition, the metal coil perforation line is equipped with a set of testing equipment to check the punching accuracy and quality to ensure the production of high quality metal coil punching products.

Main Components Detail

Hydraulic Decoiler

Metal uncoiling equipment is a mechanical device mainly used to unroll metal materials into sheets of certain width and thickness. Its main components include driving parts, supporting parts, adjusting parts and operating parts. Its working process is to put the metal material into the equipment, and the driving part drives the supporting part to unroll the metal material.

High-Speed Punching Machine

Metal plate punching machine is a kind of machine used for punching and processing metal plates. It mainly consists of drive system, punching unit, operation control system, etc. It can be used for a variety of processing processes such as concave punching, convex punching, open hole, and composite processing, and can achieve high efficiency punching processing.

Recoil Machine

Metal Rewind Machine is a mechanical device used for winding metal materials. It has the features of high speed, high precision and automatic operation, which can realize the functions of continuous winding, controlled winding and CNC cutting.

sheet metal perforating machine

Advantage Of Sheet Perforation Machine

metal perforating machine
High efficiency

Metal coil punching and rewinding production line adopts advanced automatic control technology, which has high working efficiency and can realize fast winding and fast reel change, thus improving production efficiency.

High precision

Micro holes perforation adopts high precision transmission system, which can realize high precision quality control and ensure the quality of winding.

Safe and reliable

Metal coil punching and winding production line adopts advanced safety protection technology, which has good safety performance and can effectively prevent accidents.

Technical Specification

Maximum stamping width
Punching speed
45-70 times/min
Maximum stamping thickness
Control way
digital control

More Detail Image In Factory

perforated sheet machine

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Punching Hole Type

- Round holes: square, round, oval, etc.

- Square holes: square, rectangular, diamond-shaped, etc.

- special holes: U-shaped, V-shaped, Y-shaped, T-shaped, etc.

- Complex holes: complex pattern holes, capillary holes, hydrodynamic holes, etc.

steel hole punch machine

Application Of Perforation Coil

This material is used to make automotive parts, furniture and household appliances, and is also commonly used in architectural structures, where it can be used for supporting structures and decoration.

metal punching machine

In addition, it can be used in the manufacture of certain mechanical devices, such as reels and propellers, and can also be used as a heat exchanger material.


Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, KINGREAL Machinery is a professional sheet metal processing machines manufacturer, we are an OEM.


We have been focusing on the field of machine manufacturing for more than 20 years.


How to visit your factory?

There are 2 ways: either by plane or by train to Foshan/Guangzhou port. We will be picking you up in plane/train station, then we can go together.


What's your Warranty ?

12 months except human error, during which all parts damaged because of quality problem will be changed for free.

Parts that are out of warranty will be provided in factory price.


What's your delivery Time ?

Within 60-80 days after receiving prepayment. Some mach

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