Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine
  • Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting MachineRubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine
  • Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting MachineRubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine
  • Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting MachineRubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine
  • Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting MachineRubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine

Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine

KINGREAL can provide whole solution for the Coil Slitting Production Line, such as the blade and the rubber ring.Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine Contact us if you need!

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Product Description

Rubber Ring For Coil Slitting Machine are a component used in slitting machines, mainly to adjust the width between the blades and the horizontal gap between the upper and lower blades.

Shims are typically between 0.8mm and 150mm thick and have a hardness of HRC45 degrees or higher, regardless of thickness specification, to ensure durability and prevent the blades from being scratched or bruised during operation.

These shims are essential to ensure that the slitter blades are able to cut the material accurately, as they help maintain the correct position and clearance of the blades, which affects the quality of the final product.

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Advantage Of The Slitting Rubber Ring

1. Improved processing accuracy: shims ensure precise adjustment of the blade gap, thus improving the accuracy of the cut material.

2. Strong adaptability: shims can be used for metal sheets of various thicknesses and materials, such as hot rolled coils, electroplated steel plates, silicon steel plates, etc.

3. Enhance productivity: the reasonable use of shims can reduce equipment downtime and quickly change blades, thus increasing productivity.

4. Extend blade life: shims help protect the blade from damage, reduce wear and tear, and extend blade life.

5. Versatility: In addition to being used in slitting machines, shims can also be assembled for use on machine components that require precision dimensions.

These advantages make slitter shims an indispensable aid in the metalworking industry.

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Why do I need to replace the Rubber Ring?

1. Wear and damage: After prolonged use, shims may lose their original performance due to mechanical wear, pressure deformation or damage.

2. Maintaining accuracy: shims are used to ensure the accuracy of the blade gap, and worn shims may lead to a loss of cutting accuracy.

3. Prevent oil leakage: Some gaskets may deform during use, resulting in ineffective sealing and thus oil leakage, which needs to be replaced to ensure sealing.

4. Improve efficiency: new gaskets can improve machine operation, reduce downtime and increase productivity

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Choose Us For The Whole Solution:

KINGREAL is a specialized manufacturer in the field of slitting machine lines and is able to offer complete solutions in the production line, both in terms of supplying complete lines of equipment, as well as component parts including blades, shims, holders and other parts for factories that already have equipment in place!

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About the production line we can supply:


1. How can I visit your business?

Guangdong Province's Foshan City is home to our factory. There are so two approaches to our city.

One is via plane, arriving at Guangzhou or Foshan Airport directly. Another is to go directly to the station in Guangzhou or Foshan by rail.

2. What details must you supply in order for us to get ready to submit a quote?

1. What is the coil's thickness (min-max)?

2. The min-max coil width?

3. What kind of steel do you use?

4. Maximum coil weight?

5. How many pieces of the thickest possible thickness must you cut?

3. Are you producing something?

KINGREAL Machinery is an expert supplier and manufacturer.

We can offer you the best service because we have a skilled staff and extensive project experience. Please get in touch with us.

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