Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine
  • Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting MachineAluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine
  • Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting MachineAluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine
  • Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting MachineAluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine
  • Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting MachineAluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine

Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine

KINGREAL coil slitter machines can slit different materials, including perforated aluminum coils. The application of Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine is a hot trend these days.

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Product Description

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Description Of Aluminum Perforated Coil Slitting Machine:

aluminium coil slitting

KINGREAL coil slitting meets a wide range of production requirements, whether it is a standard coil slitting line or a special customized coil slitter (e.g. for perforated coils), KINGREAL's factory has dedicated engineers to design and put it into production.

KINGREAL coil slitting machines automatically slit and wind aluminum coil material with precision. The cutting width of the slitter can be adjusted to the customer's needs and the gap between the knives can be set to achieve the highest quality trimming.

Working Process Of Coil Slitting Machine

Decoiler → Clipping and shearing → Guiding → Slitting machine→ Winding edge material →Tension → Rewinding → Unloading of small rolls → Packaging

aluminum coil slitter

New Design For Perforated Aluminum Coil Slitter:

1.Coil Perforated Rewinding Machine & Coil Slitting Machine

KINGREAL is able to offer both Coil Perforated Rewinding Machine and Slitter Lines, both of which are the most common coil processing machines. They are the most common coil processing equipment. They perform precision punching and winding of coils, followed by slitting, and are suitable for factories with large production requirements and a wide range of applications for punched coils, as they have a high degree of precision in terms of the thickness of the coils.

metal perforated machine
2.3 In 1 Decoiler Punching Slitting Machine

3 In 1 uncoiler punching and re-slittering machine equipment can be used for the production of small perforated coils with small thickness and size.

sheet perforated coil

KINGREAL Slitter Design Display

1.Belt Bridle Tension Unit Slitter Machine

KINGREAL has installed belt tension equipment in the aluminum slitting machine to ensure that the belts in the drive system are maintained at the proper tension to improve drive efficiency and extend belt life.

In a metal slitting machine, the belt is an important component that connects the motor to the slitter rollers. It needs to withstand high speed rotation and heavy load working environment, so it needs to be maintained at the proper tension to avoid slipping or loosening during the working process, which may lead to poor slitting results or malfunctions. Belt tension needs to be adjusted according to specific working conditions and requirements to ensure the stability and reliability of the drive system.

aluminum slitter machine
2.Double Slitter Head Slitting Machine

KINGREAL designed this double slitter head slitting machine to minimize the time required to change the knife seat and increase production efficiency in order to optimize the slitting speed of the coil slitting machine. A maximum manufacturing speed of 220 m/min is achieved.

The components of the double slitter slitting machine are as follows: a side guide, a waste rewinder, a high-precision slitter for fast exchange, a clamping and double slitting device, a winding machine, a tensioning device, and a hydraulic winder with the coil car.

aluminium slitting machine

Technical Specification

Material of raw materials

stainless steel, cold-rolled steel.

Raw material thickness


Raw material width


Raw material roll inner diameter


Raw material roll outer diameter


Raw material volume weight

 ≤12 tons

Slitting speed

 0-80m/min (normal working)

Total power

about 150KW

Floor area

about 18m × 6m


steel slitting machine factory

KINGREAL has its own production plant, which includes a frame casting shop, a CNC control shop, a parts machining shop and an assembly shop. In order to ensure the production quality of the machines, the whole line will be tested and adjusted in the factory. KINGREAL welcomes all customers to visit our factory.

steel coil slitting line

(KINGREAL Technical Support In Customer Factory)

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