850MM Cut To Length Line Machine
  • 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine850MM Cut To Length Line Machine
  • 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine850MM Cut To Length Line Machine
  • 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine850MM Cut To Length Line Machine
  • 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine850MM Cut To Length Line Machine

850MM Cut To Length Line Machine

KINGREAL 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine is designed to process rolls up to 850MM in width and is capable of uncoiling, leveling, shearing and stacking. Please contact us for more information.

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Product Description

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850MM Cut To Length Line Machine Description

KINGREAL 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine is one of the hottest products in recent times, professionally designed to handle 850MM wide rolls of different materials. Compared to the common web widths of 1300MM, 1600MM and 2000MM, the 850MM width is a smaller web, which requires more precision in cutting and leveling, making the machine more specialized.

The KINGREAL 850MM Cut To Length Line Machine is capable of handling coil widths ranging from 850MM to 2000MM, which requires a much higher level of design for the production line's individual equipment. The Cut To Length Machine consists of the following components: uncoiling, leveling, feeding, shearing, trimming, and stacking components, and is capable of accurately cutting coils into sheets for further applications.

KINGREAL SLITTER has been in the field of coil processing and manufacturing equipment for more than 20 years, and is constantly committed to improving its professionalism and after-sales service capabilities. KINGREAL SLITTER is able to design production solutions according to the customer's needs and help them to realize the best production efficiency. At present, Cut To Length Line has been successfully sold to Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Chile and other countries and regions.

Working Process Of Metal Cut To Length Line

Hydraulic Decoiler → Pinch Rollers to enter the Leveling Machine → Short Looper Station → Side Guide mechanism → Feeding-to-length → Fly Shearing Machine → Belt Conveying Device → Products Stacking → Discharging Trolley

Component List




Raw Material Table

1 Unit

Trolley for Feeding

1 Unit

Front Auxiliary Support

1 Unit

Uncoiler + Unwinding Device

1 Set


1 Unit

Short Looper

1 Unit

Sides Guiding Device

1 Unit

Pinch NC Length Measurer

1 Unit

Fly Shearing Machine

1 Unit


Conveying Machine

1 Unit


Product Stacking Machine

1 Unit0

Technical Specification

Raw Material

Galvanized Iron Sheet, Galvanized Aluminum Sheet

Coil Thickness




Coil weight

≤ 20T

Shearing Speed


Strip through speed





AC frequency conversion control

Main Components Details:

Hydraulic Decoiler is an important part of a metal shearing line, mainly used to unroll and guide metal coils to shearing or other processing equipment.

● Supporting Coil: Supports the coil by tightening the bore of the coil to ensure its stability.

● Strip Unwinding: Unwinds the strip smoothly while maintaining strip tension.

● Hydraulics: The hydraulic system of the Uncoiler is used to drive mechanical components, such as the support arm unit, to enhance the stability of the coil.

High Quality Shearing Machine

● Function: It is used for cutting of fixed-length materials.

● Main structure: main frame, blade, pneumatic clutch, electric part, etc.

● Main frame: The whole frame is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel and has been annealed after welding.

● Blade: The blade is made of Cr12 material, the heat treatment hardness reaches HRC62 degrees, and the four-sided cutting edge can be replaced.

Auto Stack Equipment

Stacking devices are designed to increase metal processing efficiency, reduce manual handling and ensure that processed sheets are neatly stacked for subsequent transportation or further processing. These devices are very important in the metal processing industry, especially in production lines where large quantities of sheet metal need to be handled.

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