High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine
  • High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting MachineHigh Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine
  • High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting MachineHigh Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine
  • High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting MachineHigh Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine
  • High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting MachineHigh Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine

High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine

High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine is one of KINGREAL’s feature product. As one of the professional coil manufacturers in China, KINGREAL is committed to providing customers with high quality production equipment to help can improve production efficiency. We are looking forward to reaching long-term cooperation with our customers all over the world.

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Product Description


High Precision Speed Steel Coil Slitting Machine Description

strip slitting machine

KINGREAL high precision slitting machine is a special kind of slitting machine that can slit metal coils of different specifications with high precision and high speed, mainly used in major industrial industries.

This coil slitting machine is capable of precisely dividing metal coils, thus improving processing efficiency and reducing production costs.

The ability of the high precision machine is to slitting the coiled material into strips of various widths and counts in accordance with customers' requests is its most notable characteristic. A minimum width of 2mm can be broken into up to 30 thin strips.

Slitting Production Line Procedure

Coil Loading Car -- Hydraulic Decoiler -- Straightener Machine -- Bridge Loop -- High Precision Slitting Machine -- Scraps Rewinding -- Tension Station -- Recoil

steel sheet slitting machine

Coil Slitting Machine Component Composition


Composition Name


Coil Loading Car




Looping Pit Table*2




Scraps Rewind


Tension Station


Hydraulic System


Electric Control System

Technical Specification Reference

Coil Width (mm)


Coil Thickness (mm)


Coil I.D (mm)


Coil O.D (mm)


Material Weight (kg)


Slitting Speed (m/min)




Feature Of High Precision Speed Coil Slitting Machine

Hydraulic Dual Decoiler

In order to increase the production speed of slitting machines, KINGREAL has designed a double-headed uncoiler.


Double-headed metal decoiler is a kind of mechanical equipment for unrolling metal sheets. The main structure is composed of front and rear chuck, uncoiling frame, motor, reducer, etc. It has the features of high efficiency, safety and reliability, and easy operation.


High Precision Slitting Machine

In order to achieve high precision in slitting products, KINGREAL metal slitting knife holders are made of high carbon steel and alloy steel, both of which can meet different slitting requirements.

stainless steel coil slitting machine

High-carbon steel knife base has better rigidity and wear resistance, especially in dividing thicker metal plates, its performance is better than alloy steel. While the alloy steel knife base is more robust and durable, with better segmentation accuracy and resistance to wear and tear, can effectively improve the accuracy of the segmentation.


Tension Station

The role of the tension station is mainly to control and maintain the tension in the coil processing to ensure that the coil maintains a stable tension during processing, making the coil processing quality more stable and improving the coil processing efficiency.

slitting machine line

In addition, the tension station can prevent the resistance in the rotation of rolls and gears of the coil, thus ensuring the processing accuracy of the coil.

Application Of Coil Slitting Line

Metal slitting machine equipment is mainly used for slitting metal and other materials, it can cut raw materials into specified sizes and shapes so as to meet the different needs of production. It is mainly used in industries such as mechanical processing, auto parts manufacturing, furniture processing, graphic board processing, etc.

slitter metal machine

Our Manufacturing Factory

automatic slitting machine

KINGREAL has our own production plant, which includes a frame casting shop, a CNC control shop, a parts machining shop and an assembly shop.

In order to ensure the production quality of the machines, the whole line will be tested and adjusted in the factory.

KINGREAL welcomes all customers to visit our factory.

KINGREAL Exhibition


Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, KINGREAL Machinery is a professional sheet metal processing machines manufacturer, we are an OEM.

We have been focusing on the field of machine manufacturing for more than 20 years.


How to visit your factory?

There are 2 ways: either by plane or by train to Foshan/Guangzhou port. We will be picking you up in plane/train station, then we can go together.


What's your Warranty ?

12 months except human error, during which all parts damaged because of quality problem will be changed for free.

Parts that are out of warranty will be provided in factory price.


What's your delivery Time ?

Within 60-80 days after receiving prepayment. Some machines in stock, can be delivered at any time.


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