1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • 1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • 1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • 1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine
  • 1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine

1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine

KINGREAL SLITTER 1650mm Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine is most feature blanking line, which can slit 0.3-3mm thickness sheet coil. Contact us for the latest quote program

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Product Description

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1650MM Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine Description

aluminum coil slitting machine

KINGREAL SLITTER 1650MM Coil Slitting Rewinding Machine is designed for slitting and rewinding various types of materials, such steel, aluminum, GI, copper and silicon. This coil slitting line is one of the most common designs of blanking line and will meet the needs of most plants for coil processing slitting. The coil thicknesses handled range from 0.3mm-3mm and widths up to 1650mm.

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steel slitting line

Technical Specification:

Raw Material






CR, Steel, Aluminum


Coil Thickness



Coil Width



Coil I.D



Coil O.D



Coil Weight


Production Line Specification


Slit Strip

25 Max


Slitting Machine






Width Tolerance



 Scrap edge width range



Finished product burrs


Working Process:

aluminum coil slitter

Trolley loading coil -- Hydraulic vertical centering of decoiler -- Hydraulic decoiler -- Pinch and lever -- Plate head shears -- Loop bridge -- Slitting machine -- Tension station -- Separating -- Rewinding machine

More Detail Information Of Steel Coil Slitting Machine:

Trolley loading coil

Structure and use: Used to feed the uncoiler, transporting the steel coil from the storage table to the reel of the uncoiler, the trolley is controlled by the hydraulic motor, and the lifting is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder.

Lifting mechanism: hydraulic cylinder and sliding four-guide column structure, lifting power provided by the cylinder, the cylinder to promote the V-type bearer table lifting, to achieve the function of up and down the steel coil.

Traveling mechanism: hydraulic motor and parallel guide rail structure, traveling power is provided by the hydraulic motor, so that the trolley moves horizontally along the axial direction of the spindle of the uncoiler. Each end of the rail has a limit block to prevent the trolley from derailing.

coil slitting equipment

Cantilever Decoiler

A. Function:

Carrying steel coils, expanding and tightening the inner diameter of coils, uncoiling and discharging or recycling coils.

Supporting the coil plate and providing tension to the steel strip, it consists of frame, spindle, expanding and contracting reel, unwinding and pressing device, auxiliary support, braking device, and power part.

B. Construction

a) Main frame: made of steel, A3 steel plate, #45 steel forging bearing seat after welding, through the annealing qualitative treatment is not deformed;

b) Spindle: drilled from 40Cr round steel with a diameter of 85mm holes, tempered and then fine-turned into a working surface diameter of 190mm, load-bearing capacity of 25 tons.

c) rise and shrink the reel: the use of slider-type push-pull expansion reel form; four curved plate (No. 45 steel), wire-cutting slider pairs, expansion diameter: Ф470mm-520mm (plus rubber sleeve to reach Ф610mm); the effective working length of the reel 1650mm, the overall mandrel to ensure that the reel up and down when the concentricity.

coil slitting machine line

High Speed Coil Slitting Machine


Steel plate welded base, power gearbox, plaque and frame


1 Set

Slitting Speed


Diameter of cutter shaft




Blade size


Main motor power


Why Choose Us?

◆ Extensive production expertise

With over 20 years of production and sales experience, KINGREAL is a seasoned manufacturer specializing in slitting machines. The company has successfully supplied its machines to nations across the globe, including Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. extensively acknowledged by clients.

◆ Expert team power

KINGREAL possesses its own in-house technical, sales, and production teams. We can professionally handle every step of the process, from sales and production to shipment.

◆ Post-purchase assistance offered

KINGREAL offers online and offline after-sales installation services to guarantee the machine's proper installation and operation.

Online resources include video tutorials and comprehensive online engineering guidance; offline resources involve KINGREAL sending engineers to the customer's local factory to provide on-site installation guidance.

hr coil slitting machine

KINGREAL Welcome All Customer To Visit Us!

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