How To Purchase Coil Slitting Machine?


Now the market production coil slitting machine, slitting machine production line manufacturers have a lot, but due to the price factor in the market accounted for the vast majority of the reasons, resulting in the uneven quality of products on the market, many companies in order to price to occupy the market, through a variety of ways to save manufacturing original cost, completely do not consider the sustainability of customer product use.

Caused by the domestic slitting machine production line market product quality continues to decline, seriously affecting customer confidence in the quality of related products.

In order to better let customers understand the real slitting machine production line equipment, here, KINGREAL will give you a brief introduction so that you can properly make a reasonable choice according to your needs.


1. Simple Coil Slitting Machine

This kind of slitting machine production line generally refers to materials with roll widths of 450mm and 650mm, referred to as 450 type and 650 type.

This kind of simple production line equipment, you can choose the ground type or standard speed type two, if the output requirements are not high, you can consider the ground type, and vice versa, choose the standard speed type.


2. The Standard Slitting Machine

This kind of slitting machine production line that is often seen in the production line processing equipment, taking into account that some customers do not have very high requirements for output, and the price of the whole set of equipment is relatively sensitive to the case, 1300 type slitting machine can also be designed into the ground type without the pit structure, of course, the corresponding cost price will also save a lot.


3. High Speed Slitting Machine

KINGREAL High Speed Coil Slitting Machine can run at a speed of 220m/min, which is very suitable for steel material supplier enterprises and other enterprises with high output requirements, while only for their own internal factory decoiler and slitting enterprises are generally not recommended to use.