How Dose The CTL Line Can Achieve High Precision Production


It is well known that metal cut to length lines are large gauge production line that require very precise control and positioning in order to cut the required size of sheet metal with high precision.

cut to length line

The coil cut to length machine consists of many mechanical devices and electrical equipment that work together very precisely and therefore need to be mounted on a large frame to ensure greater stability. The machine also needs to be fitted with a number of safety devices to prevent accidents, thus ensuring safety and reliability.


As a large production equipment, how to achieve high precision production results?


1. Use of high precision servo drive technology.

The use of high precision servo drive technology can improve the production speed and accuracy, and make the metal shearing line more productive.


2. Adopting automation technology.

The use of PLC control system and automation technology can improve the accuracy and reliability of the production line, and also improve the production speed.


3. Adopting numerical control technology.

The use of CNC processing technology can achieve fast and accurate processing, which can achieve fast and accurate shearing and improve production efficiency and accuracy.


4. Adopting intelligent technology.

The use of intelligent technology can achieve semi-automatic operation, intelligent control drive technology can achieve higher production accuracy and speed.

KINGREAL manufacturers are constantly researching how to achieve high precision on large coil processing machines like slitting and shearing lines, and have made good breakthroughs.


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