The Role Of The Steel Slitting Machine With Loop Bridge


In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the slitting machine and also to ensure good slitting quality, the system is equipped with a corresponding deflection device. Usually, the slitting machine is equipped with a deflection device consisting of a roller table, a screw, a guide pillar and a vertical guide roller.


In order to ensure stable production work, the loop bridge in the slitting machine set is often installed between the traction leveler and the sizing machine, so that the difference in the feeding speed of the sheet can play a cushioning role.


Therefore, in the normal operation of the slitting machine set, if there is a fixed-length cutting, then the fixed-length feeding shear link will also use a pair of pinch feed rollers, pinch feed roller surface coated with wear-resistant rubber, the board surface does not leave scratches, the power is shared with the five-roller re-schooling machine. 

In addition, the whole system is also equipped with AC servo motor, using PLC control, can achieve fixed-length shear, but also can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy and quality