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Knowledge of slitting machine sliding differential shaft


Slip shaft, also known as friction shaft. It is used in the winding axis of slitting machine, and also used in the unwinding axis on special occasions. The purpose is to make use of the principle of slippage of each slippage ring on the sliding differential axis to make multiple reels of material on the axis, and always keep constant tension to wind and unwind the reels.


The function of the winding shaft is to wind multiple rolls of material after slitting various materials, from the core to the outer layer evenly, neatly and with constant tension on one or two shafts. However, due to the uneven thickness of the material itself, there is a certain thickness error, the roll material after continuous winding, the diameter of each roll material to produce a greater accumulation of error. This leads to a greater difference in the roll speed of each strip of material and a greater difference in tension. Causes the roll material loose and tight is not the same, the end surface is uneven, serious because of excessive tension leads to material damage scrap.


When working, the slip ring is controlled to a certain slip torque value (torque) to slip, the sliding amount just compensate for the resulting speed difference, so as to accurately control the tension of each volume of material, so that constant tension winding, to ensure the quality of winding.


With the improvement of people's living standard and the development of science and technology, higher and higher requirements are put forward for flexible packaging products. The film elongation requirements are getting smaller and smaller, and the neatness of the winding end face is getting higher and higher, which puts forward higher requirements for the tension control of the material film. The tension control accuracy of the winding shaft directly determines the elongation of the slit product and the neatness of the end face, so it is necessary to use the slip shaft.


The use of slip shafts improves coil slitting machine working speed, winding accuracy, automatic, preparation time, and user-friendliness of operation. The use of slip shafts for winding metal foil, a particularly valuable material, greatly increases the rate of genuine products and reduces production costs.