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Common faults and maintenance

Possible causes and countermeasures that the opening machine cannot rotate normally:

1. The load of the opening machine is too large, and the frequency converter has a current alarm. The countermeasure is to turn off the total power of the electrical control system and restart.

2. Damage to the gear box. Turn off the total power first, then turn the roll head with your hands to observe whether there is a card death. Check whether the gear box is intact and replace the damaged equipment in time.

3. The top photoelectric type of the roll -up machine is close to the transmission of the photoelectric type at the bottom of the buffer pits or the bottom of the buffer pits. It cannot be detected that the silicon steel sheet is close to the signal and should be replaced.

Second, the rolling head of the segments must not rise or shrink. Reasons and countermeasures:

1. The hydraulic increase in the solenoid valve output cable obstacles on the rolled rolled machine causes the electromagnet to move normally. The processing method, check the circuit diagram to check whether the output action of the solenoid valve is burned, if it has been replaced.

2. The opening of the rolled rolled rolled roller rolls the device too small, and the tight mechanism is worn, causing the tension to loosen. Therefore, it is necessary to replace 68#hydraulic oil once a year, so as to ensure the viscosity of hydraulic oil. In addition, it is necessary to regularly lubricate and maintain the roll head.