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Factors that affect the width scale of the tape tape bar machine


1. During the running of the tape barrier equipment, if the knife has a horizontal swing, it will cause uneven size. This is caused by the difference between the horizontal swing and the outer diameter of the tool. Because the side swing value of the tool cannot be zero. Under normal circumstances, its loaded horizontal swing value is between 0.03-0.05 mm. The reason is the precision error of the knife thickness, inner diameter, and the width of the case, and the side stress deformation occurs when the thick plate is cut.

2. During the production process of tape barrier equipment, due to the problem of horizontal warpage in the steel plate, the unqualified width scale is caused. The reason is that the measurement of the cutting part in the horizontal warranty state is greater than the setting value of the knife.

3. During the production and operation of the tape barrier equipment, there are certain collaborative errors in the middle distance and tools. Under normal circumstances, the accuracy of the thickness of the distance and the tool is 0.005. When the number of blades with a knife is large, the accumulation error increases. This is due to incorrect deviation settings.