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What are the basically required using metal segmentation machine

1. The environmental requirements for the use of a sub -dealer: The machine should be installed in places where the temperature, dryness, ventilation, good light, and convenient operation should be installed. To keep the environment tidy, we must clean the machine frequently and keep it clean.

2. Use the operation requirements of a sub -barrier: high -quality longitudinal cutting knife and horizontal cutting knife; the machine should cut the entire roll or whole raw material for fixed length.

3. Maintenance of the use of a distribution machine: The electrical part should be checked, cleaned frequently, and cleared the hidden dangers in time; irregular inspections, cleaning and lubrication should be performed on the rotating site, especially for the loss of damage parts.

4. Precautions for using a sub -loading machine: ensure the correctness and stability of voltage, current, and hydraulic pressure before booting; before the machine is prepared to run, ensure that personal safety can be turned on and run. Film roll or roller core.
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