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Note on the correct operation of slitting machine


In the case of the Slitting Machine  operation process, the staff must choose the appropriate roll core according to the width of the division, and choose the appropriate equipment and the appropriate equipment to the secret medicine for the sub -device.

Then put the roller on the surface of the roll roller, it is to better determine the roll core. In the future, the wound should be posted on the seams of the core tube on the secret drug, which is convenient for the card to tighten the knife.

What we need to pay attention to is that in order to better ensure the adverse effects of division, the staff should also pay attention to the axis of the widow. Then there is the piercing of the board, which should be carried out with the line of the processing process. Do not change it at will to prevent adverse effects in the harm.

In the future, the power connection of the switching power supply should be connected to the equipment, and the high speed is about five minutes. In the process of paying attention to this process, you should pay attention to whether it is extremely difficult.

In the case of starting operation, keep in mind that there is no need to be too fast, and the detention should be accelerated. When the rate rises to the abnormalities, it should be paid attention to inquiring the poor laser cutting of the sub -equipment equipment. The staff should also pay attention to the work record. When the work is completed, the staff must immediately close the switching power supply and remove the work on the spot.