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Precautions for adjustment of Coil Slitting Machine


How To Adjust The Coil Slitting Devices?

1. The seminars are installed on the plane frame, the middle machine, and the rear frame is installed on the predetermined position, and the level calibration is firmly contacted with the foundation. At the same time, the racks cannot be offset, shaking and other phenomena, so as not to cause accidents.

2. Install the configuration oven on various racks in order, and fix it with bolts; keep the level of the oven and the rack and stable.
3. Install the power distribution cabinet next to the front frame or convenient operation, connect the circuits of various circuits in accordance with the instructions, and then connect the power supply (the power must be disconnected when the wiring).
4. The second -hand segmentation machine installs each internal configuration according to the set position, and adjusts the levels of each melody, rolling, and rolls. During the installation process, the smooth surface of each media cannot be scratched, and the correct installation of each component is maintained. 5. Install the gear, the belt wheel, and the sprocket, and try to rotate appropriately to ensure that the rotation is flexible and unobstructed.
6. Check whether there is any omissions for installation to ensure the installation of the heater, thermal sensor, and the transmission medium; check whether the circuit of each road is connected correctly, the wireless leakage is not leaked;

7. After the second -hand segmentation machine is installed, the test machine will be turned on one by one. If there is an exception, it should be stopped and adjusted immediately; after confirmation, the boot production should be performed (pay attention to personal safety and machine safety during the operation).