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Negative Effects Of Poor Slitting Machine Accuracy


In Actual production, if you want to get a better product quality, then you have to consider the accuracy of the big production equipment at the same time. This is also true for slitting machines. If the precision of the slitting machine does not meet the requirements, then what kind of impact will it have on the production quality of metal strips?


The following look at the specific content of the introduction!

When it comes to the problem of slitting machine accuracy, we can discuss it in two main cases. The first one is that there is a bit difference between the upper and lower knife shaft shoulders. In fact, the size of the clearance between the circular knives, including theoretical clearance, cumulative clearance and dynamic clearance, will have a certain impact on the edge burr. If the clearance is too large, then the edge burr will be more obvious.

On the contrary, if the clearance is too small, it will also have many negative effects, such as the formation of shredded burrs on the edge of the strip. What happens if the circular knife is very accurate and the slitter is also very accurate, but there is a bit difference between the shoulders of the upper and lower knife shafts? In fact, if this problem exists, it will lead to deviation of the male and female knife units which are in a symmetrical state, and then the gap between the two sides of the strip will change to a certain extent, bigger and smaller.

The end result will result in burrs on both sides of the strip. Therefore, we must control the position of the shoulder of the lower knife shaft. Otherwise, in such a case, the quality of the copper sheet cut by the slitter cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, if we are dealing with a narrow and thick copper sheet, problems such as strip side bending may also occur because of the different deformation on both sides.

Another situation is that the upper and lower knife shafts are not parallel to each other. As we all know, in fact, the width of the slitting machine equipment is very large, if the upper and lower knife aces are not parallel to each other, then when one of the sides starts to work, the other side may not have started processing, which will seriously affect the cutting quality of the strip.

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