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2024: KINGREAL Improves Machine Quality & After-sales Service


At the dawn of this new year, KINGREAL is pleased to announce our continued commitment to providing superior product quality and excellent after-sales service to meet the growing needs of our customers as a manufacturer of coil processing equipment.

As a company dedicated to the manufacture of coil processing equipment, we have always prioritized the needs of our customers. Over the past year, we have continuously strive to improve the quality of our equipment, and through constant innovation and technological upgrades, we have ensured that our equipment achieves the best possible level of performance and reliability. We will continue to increase our investment in research and development to continuously improve the technical content and intelligence of our products, in order to meet the needs of our customers in terms of production efficiency and quality.

2023 years new design including:

-Thin Thickness(up to 10mm) Coil Slitting Machine & Cut To Length Line

- Simple Cut To Length Line

- Stainless Steel Coil Cutting Machine

- Narrow Strip Coil Slitting Machine

And so on.

In addition to the improvement of product quality, we also understand the importance of after-sales service to our customers. In the new year, we will further improve our after-sales service system to ensure that our customers can receive timely and comprehensive support when using our equipment. We will strengthen our training and technical support team so that we can respond more quickly to customers' needs and help them solve problems in the use of our equipment.

We firmly believe that only by continuously improving the quality of our equipment and after-sales service can we win the trust and support of our customers. In the new year, we will be more full of enthusiasm and a higher sense of responsibility, to provide customers with better quality products and services, and grow together with customers to create a better future.

Finally, we would like to thank you again for your trust and support. In the new year, we look forward to working with you hand in hand to create a better future!

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