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KINGREAL STEEL SLITTING Welcomes Customers from Around the World


Recently, KINGREAL STEEL SLITTING welcomed a group of important customers from Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and other countries. The customers were invited to visit the company's production plant and gained an in-depth understanding of the advanced technology and high-quality production process of metal slitting machines, metal cut-to-length lines and punching lines.

During the factory tour, the customers were impressed by the company's advanced equipment and precise production process. They witnessed the entire production process from raw materials to finished products and gained a deeper understanding of KINGREAL commitment to quality and efficiency. In addition to the factory tour, the customers also had an in-depth communication with the KINGREAL team to discuss their needs and requirements. The open and honest exchange of views between the two sides laid a stronger foundation for future cooperation.

To commemorate this important visit, KINGREAL STEEL SLITTING took a group photo with the customers. This group photo symbolizes the strong cooperation and partnership, and shows the close working relationship between KINGREAL and its customers.

The visit was a great success, as both the customer and the KINGREAL team were able to exchange valuable insights and build a stronger foundation for future cooperation, and KINGREAL looks forward to continuing to meet the needs of its customers with excellence and innovation and to further strengthen its position in the global market.

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