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KINGREAL New Design: Double Stack For CTL


KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER in the new year 2024, always insist on doing a good job of technological innovation: Double Stacker For Cut To Length Line!

The double stacker design of the metal shearing line is an important innovation in the field of metal processing, with many advantages to meet the diversified production needs of our customers, including the following:

1. Improve production efficiency

The double stacker design can process two different types of metal materials at the same time, which greatly improves productivity. Whereas the traditional single stacker design requires switching between different processes, the double stacker design allows for simultaneous processing, saving a great deal of time.

2. Increased production flexibility

Thedouble stacker design can meet the processing needs of different types of metal materials, and improve the flexibility of production. Whether it is to deal with different sizes and materials of metal, or to switch between different processes, the double receiving table design can easily handle.

3.Precision Cutting

The double stacker design adopts precision cutting technology, which can realize high-precision cutting and processing to ensure the accuracy of product size and shape. This is especially important for industries that require high product accuracy, such as automotive manufacturing and aerospace.

4.Energy saving and environmental protection

The double stackerdesign adopts the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection, which can minimize energy consumption and reduce production costs. This is not only conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises, but also in line with the requirements of modern society for environmental protection.

If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us!

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