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Research Technology Report: Copper Strip Slitter


For the design of copper coil slitting machine line, KINGREAL will share the technical knowledge:

(1) Through the introduction of frequency converter, KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER have realized the precise control of winding torque on the basis of the original electric control system, and achieved ideal results. This not only improves the overall working performance of the machine and makes it more stable in high-speed operation, but also makes the operation more convenient, safe and reliable, and also significantly improves the durability of the machine and effectively reduces the labor intensity of the operators.

(2) The KINGREAL STEEL SLITTER has added a new storage tank for the unwinding and winding of the rolls to mitigate the effects of tension changes on the strip panel shape and the flatness of the roll ends. In order to meet the requirements of the winding process, we have implemented constant tension control. Tension setting is accomplished by a tension controller, whose control principle is based on detecting the winding line speed, calculating the winding diameter, and then calculating the load pitch (load pitch = tension setting value * current winding diameter / 2). Therefore, the load torque is precisely known by setting the tension and calculating the current roll diameter. The slitter tension controller outputs a standard 0-10V analog signal, which corresponds to the rated torque of the asynchronous motor. We connect this analog signal to the inverter and select the torque as the setting value. In this way, the constant tension can be effectively maintained throughout the winding process.

(3) Successfully controlled end run out to within 0.5 mm by improving the take-up reel. Self-tension design works in the finished reel to improve the tightness of the reel. The application of the improved high-performance kinematic leather sheet holder to the winder significantly reduces the production lead time. The spacer holder combination structure is equipped with a pneumatically adjustable back pressure combination to maintain a stable compression force to effectively hold the spacer shaft tightly against the copper tape.

(4) Expansion and contraction hydraulic cylinders for the material table and winding spindle are of one-piece molding design, which reduces the failure rate. On the material table spindle, a high-efficiency disk-type tension brake combination is used, which is adjusted by a pneumatic circuit to reduce the adjustment time of the sheet tension. The system is capable of automatically executing an instantaneous tension braking action under certain circumstances to prevent the copper tape from coming loose.

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