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How to do a good job of slitting machine acceptance?


Acceptance and commissioning of the metal slitting machine is also an important work that should not be taken lightly, and is of great significance to both the customer and the manufacturer. Therefore, when carrying out this work, KINGREAL suggests that users and manufacturers cooperate with each other and participate in the commissioning of the slitter equipment. In addition, in the acceptance of the time, the user friend should be prepared for what?

First of all, as a user, we should take the initiative to cooperate with the manufacturer of the equipment, and together to complete the static accuracy test of the slitter equipment. Specific content includes: the use of straightedge, it is recommended that the better choice of square rod to measure the two knife shaft shoulder difference. Note that the cross-section of the square bar should be kept at 40mm or 50mm square, and its length should be slightly larger than the diameter of the blade by 40 ~ 50mm.

Once the situation explained above is understood, the staff will need to select two sets of thin rings from the thin ring material provided at the supplier and make their difference match this deviation, after which they will be mounted on the cutter shaft so that this deviation can be eliminated. If they don't fit, they need to be made again. After completing this work, we also need to finish cutting the gap of the slitter equipment.

It should be reminded that, in the gap cutting work, we must ensure the best possible results, because it will have a very important impact on the later cutting. Therefore, after the work is also completed, we can only according to the requirements of the slitting machine equipment for full commissioning and trial production. In the commissioning, special attention should be paid to the debugging of the tool used.

At the time of commissioning, the staff need to clean up the work, to maintain a better degree of cleanliness, especially the cleanliness of both sides of the blade. Otherwise, if there are impurities, it will affect the cutting precision of the slitter equipment and affect the quality of the product.

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