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What Is Operation Precautions Of Steel Strip Slitting Machine?


Steel Strip Slitting Machine Group use need to be pay attention to the adjustment of the stroke, in the cold bending before the test drive must be. When the upper mould of the longitudinal steel sheet slitting machine group goes down to the bottom, you need to make sure that there is a gap of one plate thickness. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the mould and the machine. The stroke is also adjusted with electric quick adjustment and manual stomach adjustment.

In order to achieve the purpose of improving the working performance of the slitter machine equipment through the adjustment of the knives. As a matter of fact, the radial draft depth and axial clearance for the disc cutter can be adjusted both empirically and by taking values according to the reference table.

When the equipment is running, the operator should keep a certain safety distance from the equipment to prevent danger or accidents. When the drive roller down pressure, the operator can not put their hands on the top of the equipment to prevent danger. After the equipment is used, the necessary maintenance work should be carried out, generally a week a small inspection, a large inspection in January.

In the process of slitting the steel coil material, the steel coil in the uncoiler axis upward is easy to produce tampering, especially in the demolition of tower-shaped volume, tampering is more serious. Thus, in the production process directly affects the shear, not only is the strip coil not tight and loose coil, but also lead to increased coiling tension, disc shear force imbalance and other issues.

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